Is Your Young Living Website Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes?

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You’re invested in living well and helping other people improve their health.


That’s why you began working with Young Living and bringing the benefits of essential oils to other people.


But, what happens if your website isn’t doing as well as you think? Or, if you want to take your business and website to the next level of success?


You’ll want to take a second look at the type of marketing you’re using for your site because it really does make a difference.


MyOilSite is here to provide you with templates and graphics to build your Young Living business. Consider us your one-stop-shop to getting all the information you need to better your site.


We know that figuring out how to build your website, putting up all the information, and running your own business is hard work. So why let that work go to waste if you aren’t applying the right marketing techniques?


MyOilSite wants you to succeed. That’s why we’ve put together our top five marketing mistakes that you could be making.


Be sure to check out our blog for other great information to take your Young Living business to the next level. And, as always, make use of our great tools to up your website’s game.



Your Young Living website’s success


When you are starting out, it can seem like there’s an almost impossible amount of tasks you need to complete before your website goes live.


But once you’ve finished all that, the work isn’t over.


To make sure you succeed in with your Young Living website, you’ll want to keep up the momentum. How? By making sure you market well to drive people to your site.


There are tons of different marketing techniques out there, but some people just don’t see the value or know how to do it properly.


It turns out that businesses really do depend on marketing for their success.


This means you’ll want your Young Living website to keep bringing in traffic and a good marketing strategy is one way to make sure this happens.


Plenty of companies find success from marketing on social media and networking with other companies and individuals to get their website out there.


If you’re doing this, you’re on the right track! But we’re about to break down the five mistakes you may be making that could cost you money and customers.


Five marketing mistakes you’ll want to avoid

Not following up

With every new lead that comes in, you want to make sure that you reach out to them with a personal touch.


This means dropping them a quick message to say hello and offer a discount code, or some other incentive, to keep them coming back.


These greetings can me automated, but that doesn’t mean you can just send off run-of-the-mill, robotic messages. Instead, make sure to follow up with your leads in ways that will bring them back.


Timing can be everything, so waiting too long (or flooding their inbox with messages) must be avoided.

Not increasing what you know works with your sources

If you notice that posting an ad on your company’s Facebook page increased traffic and sales by 10%, you will want to keep doing that.


It seems obvious, but many companies see success in one area and take that as an opportunity to branch out to other types of marketing. Oftentimes, these ventures lead to that original method being put on the backburner.


The result? You may notice that your sales drop down and these new methods of marketing aren’t quite working out.


This happens because you hit gold with that original type of marketing. Maybe your market is exclusive or does better with social media marketing than emails.


Even though trying out new ways to market is important, you will want to place priority on what you know works.

Having too much information

Websites that contain way too much information can be a problem.


Sure, it seems like a thin line to walk but there is a difference.


You will want your website to contain just the information it needs to give your customer an idea about your product.


If you make paragraph after paragraph of information, testimonials, and other content, your customer may become overwhelmed.


It’s distracting to go to a store to buy one item and get sidetracked by the lady at the makeup counter who just won’t let you go, right? Try and avoid this with your website and thin down what you’re having your customers read!

Too many calls to action

Similarly to having too much info, you’ll want to really pay attention to how many calls to action there are on your website.


Too many links and videos can be a bad thing, especially if they take away from the main goal of your website. Universally, your call to action should be: buy, buy, buy.


If you’re offering links to your social media, email, great related videos, and other information, you may lose your customer in all the hustle and bustle.

Using a basic website

Have you ever visited a website and gotten a sense of deja vu?


This is probably because the site you’re on shares the exact same layout and design as another  one you’ve previously been on.


How? Because some companies use replicated or copied websites from the web. Templates are one thing, but it’s a huge marketing mistake to use what works for someone else on your company.


Chances are that you’ll see your business grow much more if you incorporate your own style and designs onto your website than taking what someone else is using.


Start working with a professional designer to increase “the you” in your brand and website. As a business with Young Living, everyone is selling similar products but the websites do not have to be identical.


When you’re ready to take your Young Living website to the next level, come work with us! We’re glad to help you with our templates, graphics, and other supportive tools!

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