Young Living Social Media: Are You Doing It Wrong?

Young Living Social Media

In today’s tech-driven world, one of the fastest ways to grow your business is to harness the power of social media. So, today we’re asking you to take a look at your Young Living social media strategy.


Are you leveraging the awesome potential that social media provides, or are you doing it all wrong?


Young Living Social Media


So you’ve taken that important leap into a brand new future and you’re eager to build your Young Living business.


But, what kind of contemplation have you given to your Young Living social media approach? And, more importantly, is your social media plan yielding the kind of results you crave?


The bottom line for you and your business is this: Your Young Living social media strategy may not be helping your business. Even worse than that, it may actually be hindering your chances of success.


But, we don’t want you to worry. We’re here to help.


We’re sharing the most common mistakes that business owners routinely make on social media to help you ensure that you avoid them.


Ready for your crash course in the pitfalls to avoid?


Awesome! Let’s dive right in.

Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Being Active Regularly


All of your Living Young social media accounts must be fully-functioning, and you must be an active presence on each one.


Some businesses think that they can ghost their followers, then, they scratch their heads with wonder when those followers don’t stick around.


Failure to post regular content is a serious mistake that you should avoid at all costs.


Having a regular presence is the food and drink of an effective social media page.


Fail to post often and watch your reach go down the drain.

2. Not Providing Quality Content


Nothing will kill your chances of success with your Young Living social media strategy than failing to produce value for your followers.


In the information age, high-quality content is king. It actively drives engagement. And, when you’re trying to grow your business, engagement is everything.


In line with this, you must always be thinking of ways that you can add value.


Your content should provide the following at a minimum:


1. It must be useful, helpful and fill a need


2. It has got to be interesting


3. It should be credible


4. It must engage the audience

3. Having Your Fingers in Too Many Pies


Sometimes, when you have more than a couple of priorities you don’t have any. The same is true for your Young Living social media platforms.


Are you in a position to be fully active across every social media channel?


Most people are not. Far better then, to extend a razor-like focus to the social media platforms that you know work best. Think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for engagement.


There is a sweet spot to hit with your Young Living social media efforts. What is that sweet spot for you?

4. Paying for Followers and Likes


Are you tempted to add an immediate boost to your social media pages by paying for followers and page likes?


It is, of course, super important for you social media pages to appear to have hundreds, if not thousands of followers. Popularity is key to a successful business after all, right?


But wait….


Not so fast!


Popularity may well be essential for a growing business but fake popularity is no kind of fandom at all.


Real people do something that fake bots cannot: They engage.


As human beings, we are wired for connection. Engaging with real people across different social media platforms is far more beneficial for building your business than pretending to have followers who do not exist.

5. Not Responding to Your Audience


You can do something on social media that you cannot do on most other marketing platforms: You can actively engage with your customers.


This gives you a unique opportunity to gain powerful information that will serve your business into the future.


As a consequence, your Young Living social media approach must place listening to and responding to your audience at the very heart of everything you do.


Every interaction you have with your audience.


How is your customer reacting to you, your business, your products, and your mission?


Engaging with your audience also means acknowledging feedback of all kinds – the good the bad and the ugly.

6. Not Tracking the Data


You can post awesome content and answer customer questions until your computer goes dead, but if you are not tracking the data, your business will suffer.


Social media platforms allow you to track how well your efforts are being received by way of analytics.


Some important information you can receive by paying attention to analytics include:


1. Which post generated the most response


2. How many conversions you are getting


3. How many visitors are coming to your site


4. How many people followed or unfollowed in a set time frame


The devil is in the detail. Ignore the data at your peril.

7. Being Inconsistent


The golden rule for all your Young Living Social media interactions is a simple one and you cannot ever compromise.


You must be consistent in all that you do on social media.


This means consistency in your message at all times.


It means consistency in the posts you choose to share.


It means consistency in your tone.


It means consistency in your story.


Everything you post, everything you do, everything you like and comment on in the social media world, must be consistent with who you are and what being a member of Young Living represents.


Everything must be in absolute congruence.




Now and forever.

Young Living Social Media Strategies for Success


So, you have now been brought fully up to speed with the greatest mistakes that unsavvy business owners make on social media every single day.


The good news is you don’t need to be one of them.


With the clever use of social media, you have the power to .


But, you have to harness that power by not only having a strategic plan but by actively seeking to implement that plan, every day, with every post.


Need some more information or seeking further advice? As a Young Living business builder you’ve already got our admiration, but should you need our help, reach out and talk to us.


We are always happy to help.

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