Young Living Sales: How to Handle Rejection

young living sales

The world has renewed its interest in essential oils, thanks to its long list of health benefits. For Young Living members, this can be a good time to spur serious growth in their network marketing business.


But remember:


Your Young Living sales are not set in stone.


A good month doesn’t guarantee a record-breaking turnout for the following month. Rejections can happen, and it can devastate new members.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


If you’re feeling gloomy because prospects said “no,” this guide is for you! You’ll discover how to feel better and bounce back, ready to skyrocket your Young Living sales.

Know That Rejections Don’t Define You

Rejections don’t reflect your character.


Having low Young Living sales don’t make you incompetent. Getting turned down by a prospect doesn’t mean you’re not cut for network marketing.


For starters, people say “no” to opportunities for many reasons.


You may have the right opportunity for the right person – but came at the wrong time. A potential member may be experiencing a major life event like having a baby. Starting a new business venture is likely not an immediate priority for the prospect.


A prospect may have no need for a wealth-building membership yet. Even a great opportunity like Young Living’s program will not be attractive to someone who’s not yet in interested in building their income.


Who knows? The same person may say “yes” when things have settled down.


But sometimes, people just have different plans.


Take Sarah Robbins for example. She’s a network marketing leader and 6-figure monthly earner. She knows how to present the value of her offer and convince prospects.




Her two sisters (and best friends) said “no” to her


They don’t want anything to do with Sarah’s network marketing business – simply because they have taken a different path in life.


So don’t take rejections personally.


Instead of getting attached to the result, focus on delivering your message and sharing the opportunity as effectively as you can. Be the transparent network marketer that potential members love talking to.

Sweet Success Is A Product Of Failures And Rejections

“I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat,” says Sylvester Stallone.


Did you know that “Rocky” – now boasting a net worth of $400 million – started at rock bottom?


Stallone was evicted from his home in the 70s. He slept at a bus station for three weeks and even cleaned animal cages at the NY Zoo for a living.


But perhaps the worst rejection of all:


Many producers wanted to buy his script (Rocky) but won’t let him play the lead role.


Success – whether it’s landing a role or off-the-charts Young Living sales – takes a lot of trial and error.


Seasoned network marketers know this. Mulling over a poor month is the last thing they do, and they focus on how to do better instead.


Newcomers to the industry haven’t experienced rejection. And this lack of experience leads many to feel down when met with a “no.”


To feel in such a way is natural. Matter of fact, science says “naming” the pain after a stinging rejection makes one feel calmer and more capable.


Just remember to wake up and get going like Stallone did.

Young Living Sales At A Record Low? Seek Expert Help From A Mentor

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein


Persistence isn’t enough to turn around a rejection. One must also learn from it – and not make the same mistakes.


And who can help you turn a “no” to a business-building lesson? A mentor!


For small businesses, mentorship can help increase revenue by up to 83%.


And if you think about it, you’re no different from a small business owner.


You decide your hours, build your network, and market products. You, too, can benefit from the wisdom of Young Living members who’ve gone through the same rough patch.


Now, a mentor can lend a helping hand only if you ask for advice the right way. Here are three things to keep in mind:


  • Let your mentor know what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to revive a warm prospect that has gone cold? Maybe you’re trying to set a face-to-face meeting with a prospect you spoke to over the phone?
  • Be transparent about your struggle. Does the prospect always come up with an objection? Or perhaps the prospect is reluctant to meet up?
  • Do tell how you’ve tried to approach the problem.

Spilling the beans about the rejection you’re facing will help an experienced mentor come up with strategies to turn it around.

One Last Cool Tip: Meditate!

Meditation helps you in more ways than one – as proven by science!


In an experiment which involved 16 people submitting to an eight-week mindfulness course, meditation increased gray matter in the brain. And the increase happened in regions associated with emotional regulation, sense of self, and perspective.


Who wouldn’t want to have better control of their emotions especially after a painful rejection?


And take note:


Even short meditation can be effective.


Scientists at the University of North Carolina found that meditating for 20 minutes every day can improve one’s focus and mental sharpness – in as short as four days!


The mental boost can help you perform better when you hit the road to build your networking business.

Are You Ready To Turn Rejection Around?

Let’s not kid ourselves:


Rejection – may it be in dating or network marketing – is painful.


And the experience can make you think twice about moving forward if you let it. However, this guide has introduced you to a couple of ideas and tips to get a better grip on rejection (and its pains).


We established early on that rejection doesn’t define your character, and success in network marketing requires many “no’s.” We also learned how to turn rejection into business-building lessons with the help of a mentor.


And lastly, you got a cool tip on how to get the mental and emotional boost you need to bounce back.


We hope these young living sales tips serve you well in building your essential oil networking business.

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