Why Young Living Is One Of The Best Essential Oil Companies

best essential oil companies

There are a lot of MLMs out there for just about anything!  And that is so true for fans of essential oils.  

But those who use these products for their many holistic benefits know that the best essential oil companies promise quality.  Not all MLMs can deliver on that promise of natural purity.  Some people are getting had by products that don’t pay off!

Young Living redefines the essential oil MLM and focuses on what’s important. 

Quality.  Bottom line.

Whether you are a consumer of essential oils looking for high-quality ingredients or a person looking to start their own business and improve their quality of life.  

Young Living has a path for you.

Young Living is One of the Best Essential Oil Companies, Here’s Why:

They Own Farms and Have Ethical Partnerships

A key differentiator that makes Young Living one of the best essential oil companies is they own their own farms.  And they partner with farmers who follow their carefully crafted quality guidelines.   

Controlling this process ensures only the best ingredients make into their products.  They are so confident that you will agree with their farming practices that all Young Living farms are open to the public.  

They Distil Products Themselves

Young Living also distils their own products.  Their proprietary distilling process is posted all over their distilleries boasting purified steam as a key part of the process.  

They are completely transparent.  The company offers the unique opportunity for fans and tourists to participate in the harvesting and distilling process.  Oils are distilled at low temperatures in a chemical free environment.

In Fact, Young Living Controls Every Aspect of Production

Beyond farming and distilling, Young Living is one of the best essential oil companies because they control every aspect of the production process.  They are the only company offering a “Seed to Seal” guarantee that hinges on the following.

Seeds are researched, planned and planted on Young Living farms.  This process includes expert input at every level.  Not limited to University partnerships and scientist involvement.

Cultivation mastery takes place on Young Living farms.   

Distilled as previously mentioned. Young Living takes pride in their low-temperature, chemical-free and totally transparent distilling process.

Tested by Young Living specialists in internal labs, each product must pass stringent guidelines.  This ensures all necessary biological compounds are present in the oil for optimal holistic benefits.

Sealing is the last step in the Seed to Seal process.  The process locks in freshness so well that when properly stored these products do not expire.

Young Living is Different than Store-Bought Brands

Young Living takes so much pride in being one of the best essential oil companies, they do not offer their products in stores.  They hold their products to a higher standard than a high-school cashier working the health department of a grocery store.  

That’s because most essential oils sold in stores are simply aroma-grade.  

That means they smell good, but offer no healing benefits.  Only 2% of essential oils are deemed medically suitable, and Young Living makes 98% of those products.  

The products meet all industry standards including AFNOR and ISO.  With the greatest selection of essential oils in their product line, it’s easy to see why Young Living wants to set themselves apart from store-bought competition.

Wholesale Membership

While you can’t buy it in stores for the reasons stated above, Young Living offers a wholesale membership.  By choosing this membership option fans of essential oils save up to 44% on purchases.  

Unlike most wholesale grocers, there is no membership fee to join Young Living’s wholesale club, but it comes with a ton of perks.  These include reduced shipping and membership rewards points.

No Minimum Purchase or Sales Requirement

Perhaps the most attractive perk for sales agents is there is no minimum sale or purchase.  That reduces the financial risk for anyone who decides to sell.  No one wants to be paying out the you-know-what to make their quota each month.

By making it easy to join and participate in one of the best essential oil companies in the world, Young Living has been able to grow a loyal customer base.  

Their commitment to quality and transparency extends beyond the farm and manufacturing process and into the culture of how they treat their people and customers.

Don’t Be Taken By An Imposter!

Many companies boast quality but provide something that is little more than a fragrance.  Some companies sell good smelling oils that are chemically-altered and offer no medicinal perks.  There’s only one Young Living.

Whether a consumer or someone researching the best MLM for their business needs, it’s always important to read the fine print.  Don’t give one penny to a company that doesn’t meet your personal quality, purity and medicinal standards.

Or save yourself the trouble and head to Young Living to join up with the customers who already partner with them for their essential oil needs.  

Don’t take it from us, take it from these happy young living customers!

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a Young Living distributor, who could blame you?  With so many benefits, why not join one of the best essential oil companies in the world?

Head to our blog for more tips on how to be the best distributor you can be.  

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