How to Become the Best Young Living Distributor

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We love Young Living! Young Living is a multi-level marketing company that provides essential oils and products with essential oils in them.

It’s a great place to excel, make money, and have fun.

And in order to be successful as a Young Living distributor, you need to know how to create goals and then work toward them. The good news is we love distributing Young Living and being a part of a great brand.

And what better goal could there be than being the best distributor possible?

Are your sales stuck? Maybe you are having trouble reaching new clients or managing your team.

We can help. We have an expert’s guide to becoming the best Young Living distributor.

Let’s get you there starting today. Here we go:


Lead By Example As a Young Living Distributor

In order to be a great distributor, build your team, and build the brand for Young Living you need to lead by example. You are the best endorsement for your business.

Using social media and your website effectively means branding yourself. You are the walking embodiment of the brand.

Choose your photos and posts carefully. And how you conduct yourself at team meetings, presentations and in your everyday life will show others the power of the brand.

And your team will be more likely to follow your lead.


Give It Your All

Becoming the best Young Living distributor means that cultivating an image and building your brand is a full-time job. You may only be dedicating time to sales, recruiting, training, presentations, and marketing part-time, which is okay.

One of the best parts of Young Living is the flexible schedule and vacation time it allows. But devotion to image and your distributorship is something you need to be working on all the time.

Albert Einstein once said, “Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.”

Give it your all and remain active and you and your sales people will be extremely successful.


Remain Active

Whether using traditional social media, a website, or a blog, digital marketing can be your biggest tool. As long as you are managing yourself as a spokesperson for the brand there are many benefits to staying up with your content online.

Consistency and determination go a long way in becoming the best Young Living distributor. It can be easy to get discouraged if your online marketing efforts don’t show immediate returns.

But with marketing, consistency is key. Setting weekly goals for your blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, and other mediums will create a larger network.

Wonder what content creation can do for you? One company was able to increase their inbound web traffic by 3000 percent over the course of a year by creating an average of 4 blog posts a week.

Use optimized content to draw visitors and remain active and you’ll see your visitors and sales rise.


Mentor Your Team

Creating a balance between recruiting and mentoring is essential for Young Living distributors. Yes, it is very important to bring in new members on your sales team but if they don’t last and aren’t effective, you’ve wasted that effort.

Some distributors have trouble shifting gears. They are so focused on signing new team members they let them slip through their fingers once they are signed.

Don’t make this mistake. Make sure you are investing time and energy into your sales team.

Their success is your success. The more they sell, the more you earn.

Don’t drop the ball once they come on board.


Develop Image and Style for You and Your Team

Once you are focused on building your inbound traffic and your coaching strategy for your sales team it’s time to make sure you spend time on image and style.

Your brand isn’t just your image. The image of your team members reflects the entire distribution team.

You need to be an image consultant for your team members to be successful. This doesn’t mean micromanaging their appearance.

Image and style are two separate issues. Image means communications, presentation, and overall public persona.

Weekly training in speaking, content creation, customer interaction, presentations, and overall brand management help develop the image for you as well as your team.

Remember, the best way to master skills is to teach them.


Encourage Reviews

Knowing the importance of product reviews can truly propel your business to the next level.

You don’t need to be afraid of bad reviews either. In a research study, bad reviews were shown to increase product sales too.

Of course, building the Young Living brand means defending the quality of our products. Most of the time the reviews will be amazing when people try the products, we all know that from experience.

Reviews are so important because they spread the network. As you might expect, good reviews can increase sales with gains from 32 to 52 percent.

Even bad reviews can help a product that is becoming more known. In some studies, bad reviews boosted sales by 45 percent.

Consider sending products and free samples to bloggers and experts. Using Young Living marketing collateral combined with your social media and web presence will get customers coming to you for more.

With the best tools and support, you can draw more customers and manage your team effectively. As you become the best Young Living distributor you will need to constantly invest in your own success.


Get The Best Tools and Support

You don’t need to go it alone to be the best Young Living distributor possible. The best entrepreneurs know how to reach out and get professional support.

We can help you get your Young Living distributorship to the next level.

We provide website templates, social media graphics and blog posts for Young Living members. Young Living members use our services to help them build their Young Living business.

Don’t wait another day to become the best at building your Young Living distributorship. Contact My Oil Site now and we will provide you the support and tools you need to have your best year ever. 

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