Word of Mouth: A Powerful Tool For Selling Essential Oil Kits

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Thanks to the proliferation of technology into almost every aspect of our lives, today’s marketing tactics are slicker, quicker, and more media-savvy than ever before.

Yet, one of our strongest tools for bringing new customers to the Young Living brand and encouraging client loyalty is actually not that complicated or complex at all.

In fact, it’s one of the oldest and most proven techniques around: good, classic word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing.

Young Living members are especially poised to take advantage of this form of marketing. The essential oil kits generate the type of positive conversation that can’t help but spread like wildfire!

Today, we’re taking a look at why WOM marketing is such a powerful selling tool. We’ll also discuss how you can harness it to make your business more profitable and more successful.

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Repeat Business is More Likely

If you sell essential oil kits, it goes without saying that the aim is to establish long-term customers who come to you for all their oil needs.

Yet, the reality is that there are multiple sellers on your playing field, and scores more selling for a competing or similar brand.

So how do you establish that long-term partnership with your new Young Living recruit?

By investing in WOM marketing.

Wharton School of Business reveals that a customer acquired through WOM marketing generates a 16% to 25% higher lifetime value than one acquired through another means.

That equates to more repeat purchases, more brand advocacy, and yep, you got it– more WOM marketing that builds your chain of influence.

Social Media Expands Your Reach

When you think of a concept traveling via word-of-mouth, you may visualize the game of “telephone.” In this game, a message verbally travels from one person to the next and is often misinterpreted.

Yet, the good news is that thanks to the Internet, WOM marketing actually looks much different — and more efficient — than the back-and-forth concept of old.

For instance, now, someone can “recommend” your Young Living essential oil kits via a single social media post and reach hundreds of people at once. What’s more, if the post is shared, their recommendation may even travel to people outside their circle.

The reason why this method is so effective? Consumers are increasingly trusting of reviews and recommendations they encounter online. In fact, research reveals that 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations.

As WOM marketing continues to shift into the digital age, these virtual connections will only prove more valuable. This goes a long way in allowing you more opportunity to grow your impact.

Recommendations Generate Brand Trust

Are you curious as to why so many people online trust the reviews of others? After all, it’s a big Internet out there, where anyone can post almost anything. What makes consumers believe a complete stranger?

The answer lies in brand loyalty.

With enough positive reviews surrounding your essential oil kits, you’ll begin to create for yourself an image of trustworthiness.

Over time, this image becomes entwined with your business itself. Then, your company name is automatically associated with quality, professionalism, and expert service. These are some of the most difficult things to prove without a referral from others.

Think of some of the brands you know and love. Chances are, you’ve not only had a good experience with them, you know others who have too. That’s how a solid reputation is built.

Getting Them Talking Creates Buzz

This is one of the more obvious benefits of WOM marketing, but it’s worth exploring.

“Brand buzz” has become, for lack of a better term, a buzzword, in the marketing industry in recent years. Put simply, this is a term to describe the energy and excitement that follows your company and gets people interested.

Today, there are many people selling so many things. Thus, it can be difficult to find a way to stand above the crowd and get your essential oil kits noticed.

One of the most surefire way to build brand recognition? A solid WOM marketing initiative.

As people share about your Young Living business and encourage their friends, family, and colleagues to check you out, the “buzz” around you is built.

A Quality Reputation Leads to Brand Recognition

As this momentum builds, you’ll soon begin to create that all-important element of brand recognition.

As more people write online referrals about your essential oil kits or talk to their friends and family about them, your business name will naturally become better-known.

As a result, Nielsen reveals that 60% of online shoppers will be more likely to purchase from you due to the familiarity of your brand.

Why? There’s assurance in a brand that’s well-known.

It’s not only more likely to deliver a high-quality product. It’s also going to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service because if not, the same number of people will be talking about it — and not in a good way.

This is one of the ways WOM marketing differs from other flash-in-the-pan marketing trends. It might not result in an instant influx of new customers, nor will it guarantee you a certain number of sales per month.

Yet, what WOM does do — and does better than any other marketing technique out there — is help create a steady, consistent interest that can lead to big profit.

After all, there’s a reason they call it “buzz.”

It’s not a shout, and it’s not flashy. Rather, it’s more akin to a murmur in the background. It might raise and lower and its pace may change occasionally, but it’s nothing if not persistent.

Selling Your Essential Oil Kits: Your Go-To Resource

Are you a Young Living seller interested in taking your online business to the next level? Are you ready to expand and capitalize on the interest you’ve built via WOM marketing?

If so, we’d love to help.

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