How to Host the Ultimate Young Living Party

young living party

Are you preparing to host your first Young Living party or struggling to get results from your last?


Stop and think about that first party that inspired you to get involved with the company.


The moment you were inspired to join Young Living couldn’t have been possible without awesome party planning ideas. But does this mean you have to be a professional party planner or marketer to throw a party that gets results?


Nope, not at all. All you need is your natural enthusiasm for Young Living and these proven party planning tips that anyone can do at home.

Choose An Exciting Theme For Your Young Living Party

A strong, consistent, and cohesive theme holds the attention of guests and resonates with them long after the party is over.


But what themes pack the most punch with party guests?


Think back again to that first Young Living party you attended. Was the theme centered around rest and relaxation, mindfulness nutrition, aspiration, or weight loss for example?


Before choosing a theme, think about the target market of your prospective party guests. What are their goals, desires, and concerns?


Young Living covers a broad spectrum of health and beauty topics, so there’s so much inspiration to draw from. Consider these party themes for starters:


  • Rise and Shine: present healthy wellness and beauty morning routines to your guests.
  • Focus & Creative Inspiration: show products and projects to inspire creativity and aspiration for guests stuck in a rut.
  • Saturday Morning Pampering Routine: present a couple routine on how to de-stress from a long week.
  • Stop The Clock: focus your party on products and DIY projects that target aging concerns.
  • Healthy Start: showcase products, recipes, and products to springboard a healthier lifestyle.

Select Your Products

When you narrow down a theme, it’s much easier to select your Young Living products.


Let’s say “Healthy Start” is going to be the theme of our Young Living Party. For this theme, consider the following products or categories:


  • Multivitamin caplets and oils for daily wellness.
  • Promote joint health Cool Azul, Agil Ease, and Deep Relief products.
  • Manage weight the natural way with the Slique system.
  • Boost energy with the NingXia product line.
  • Introduce healthy snacking habits with Young Living shakes, snack bars, granolas, and pastas.

Plan Your Make-And-Take DIY Party Projects

What makes the young living party so special is that it’s more than just a product showcase. It’s an inclusive, interactive and inspiring experience.


A key part of inspiring that inclusivism and participation are DIY projects.


This is a great way for party guests to take home a piece of the Young Living experience with them. Fortunately, several Young Living products can be easily incorporated into DIY bath and nutrition projects which party guests can take home.


In keeping with our “Healthy Start” party theme, consider these DIY project ideas for your party:

Create Bath Bombs To Promote Joint Health

Bath bombs are fantastic DIY projects for Young Living parties since they can be infused with any essential oil. Plus, they’re super easy and fun to make!


Simply add Relieve-It oil and food coloring to your favorite DIY bath bomb recipe so guests can create their own and enjoy at home.

Healthy Take-Home Lunches & Snacks

Did you know that you have a delicious range of healthy food and snacks to create edible DIY projects?


Food always goes over well with prospective members. If healthy DIY food projects interest you, consider these ideas for your next Young Living party:


  • Instead of an ice cream social, throw a Young Living “nice cream” social with Slique shake, frozen bananas, and splash of almond milk. You can also add a toppings bar with crushed nuts, frozen berries, and Young Living granola.
  • Create take-home parfaits with greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and Young Living granola.
  • Lead a healthy snacking class and create take-home lunches complete with Young Living snack bars, DIY trail mix, fresh fruit, and Slique smoothies.
  • Throw a cooking class with Young Living’s own line of healthy pasta and your favorite healthy sauce recipes.

Don’t forget to have plenty of take-home containers and “doggy bags” on hand for your guests too. We suggest ordering handled craft paper bags in bulk that you can decorate with ribbons and tissue paper. Solid-colored Chinese takeout gift boxes work great too.


Aside from bath bombs and cooking classes, you may also want to consider the following DIY projects for your party:


  • Bath and body gift basket arranging.
  • DIY body butter recipes with essential oils.
  • Antioxidant tea tasting parties.

Promote Your Young Living Party on Social Media

After you plan out your party, your next step is to get the word out, and you can’t do that without social media


According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of all adults have at least two or more social media accounts, and 70% of the entire U.S population has at least one social media account!


Our top favorites for promoting parties are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each network generates billions of social media engagements each day, so they’re perfect for real-time marketing as you can share party photos, videos, and hashtags as they happen.


Remember that your promotional responsibilities as a host don’t end when the party starts. It’s important to document your parties are they serve as effective promotional material for subsequent Young Living parties


Thankfully, there are DIY marketing tools available so that anyone can become a marketer on their own.


But it’s how you use those tools that make all the difference.


Take note of the following DIY social media marketing tips to promote your young living party the right way:


  • Share digital flyers on Facebook with the help of compelling social media graphics.
  • Set up a Facebook event page for your party.
  • Generate interest and engagement with Young Living topics through social media polls.
  • Create a catchy hashtag that your guests can tag party photos with.
  • Stream bits of your party on Facebook Live.
  • Set up a photo booth to further encourage guests to share party footage with their social media followers.
  • Promote your party in real-time on Instagram.

Make sure your WiFi connection is strong and up and running to avoid losing out on all that free social media promotion. You may want to consider setting up a separate guest WiFi account specifically for your Young Living parties.


First impressions are everything, and you want to put your best first forward with each party.


The more Young Living parties you host, the better you’ll become at driving customers and new team members.


Remember to keep this ultimate Young Living party guide on hand to handle that next party like a pro.

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