Top 10 Secrets to a Successful Essential Oil Business – Part Two

In our last blog, we discussed about the five secrets of a successful essential oil business. In this blog, we’ll move on and reveal five more secrets pertaining to the success of your essential oil business.

Follow Up

After you’ve handed over a sample to a person and exchanged contact information with them, follow up. Call and inquire if they liked the product or not. Ask them if they have any other questions or if they’re interested in trying other oils.

If during a conversation, anyone spoke to you regarding their favorite oil, call and speak to them about it. Ask them if they would like to try more of it. Then, gradually explain the benefits of being a member and how they can benefit from them.


Always appear Professional

It’s human psyche, we trust more what we see. Thus, appearing professional is a key in making your business successful. People are more likely to trust you and what you share, if you present yourself and your material in a professional manner. This will help you in gaining their confidence and increasing your business.


Look for Contacts

If someone is interested in your business and likes essential oils, ask them if they know anyone else who might benefit from them. Don’t make them feel like you’re trying to sell them something. Talk to them about the different benefits of essential oils and then ask them if they know anyone who should try essential oils.


Focus and then Expand

Initially, when you start sharing information with a person who has shown interest, start off with one or two oils at the most. This is less overwhelming for your customers as they may not be able to absorb all the information. Once they have experienced one or two essential oils, they’ll be interested in knowing about more of them. Make the most of this opportunity!


Build a Website

As an owner of essential oil business, you are aware of the importance of sharing your essential oil story. There’s no better way to share it than to build a website! You can also integrate your social media pages (blogs, Twitter, Facebook) to your website and offer people the chance to sign up as members. And yes – don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it too!

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