Top 10 Secrets to a Successful Essential Oil Business – Part One


In the world of Young Living membership and distribution, many seek the answer to the most inevitable question: how to start an essential oil business?

What they fail to look into is how to successfully run an essential oil business. If you’ve recently initiated essential oil business and are looking to take it to the next level, here are a few helpful tips for you:


Use Essential Oils Yourself

Imagine yourself marketing the product without using it. What would you say when asked how are they useful or how should they be used? Therefore, before introducing it to others, always use essential oils yourself.

Given its numerous benefits, people will inquire after its usage. This is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on and let them know about essential oils.


Create Awareness amongst Family and Friends

It is easier to talk about the benefits and usage of essential oils with your near ones. Share your experience with them, without making them feel like they have to buy something from you. Later, let them experience essential oils themselves.


Be Prepared to Share Information

You never know when someone asks you about essential oils. Therefore, always be prepared to share information about it. An even better way of sharing information is to have a brochure printed or sample oils that you can provide them with.


Exchange Contact Information

Sharing information whenever someone shows interest in your essential oil is a good idea. Make it a point that you give out your contact information and try to get theirs as well. Also, include your contact information with it whenever you hand over a brochure or an oil sample.


Invite People to Experience Oils

Not everyone will come up to you to get information about essential oils. Take a step forward and invite people to gain experience about essential oils. You obviously have firsthand experience, take benefit of it and invite people to experience essential oil themselves.

Creating awareness and exchanging contact information is easier said than done. Sometimes, you might not get the right opportunity to do so. Build a website and create opportunities for yourself! We, at My Oil Site offer incredible web layout and business cards designs for Young Living essential oil members to help them take their business to the next level!

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