Tips for Working From Home Selling Essentials Oils

selling essential oils

Working from home can be rewarding and lucrative.

Selling essential oils and being your own boss is an alluring fantasy for many Americans. In fact, as of 2015, there are millions of people who are doing it.

However, it’s not all glitter and sparkles.

It requires more time management skills than you’ll ever see in a regular job. More focus. More drive.

It’s not enough to be a go-getter or to be hungry to learn and earn.

There are no set hours for this type of gig but there’s no 401k either. You’ll have the potential to earn thousands of dollars or more without leaving your home but it’s completely up to you.

There’s no deadline unless you make one for yourself. You can “punch in” and then sit around all day on Facebook eating potato chips if you want.

If you’re reading this, you don’t want to be like that. You’re the type of person who wants to know how to be as efficient as possible in this new lifestyle.

Luckily, that’s what today’s post is all about! So keep reading for the best tips on working from home with your essential oil business.

Selling Essential Oils From Home

Sure, you slacked at your 9-5, everyone does. The second the boss man wasn’t looking, you were off to indulge in a quick smoke or a snack.

What’s a five or twenty-minute break when no one is paying attention?

This is the kind of work ethic that separates winners and losers when it comes to selling essential oils.

It’s the kind of thing that people thrive on in the corporate world. In the “working from home” atmosphere, it’s completely different.

Essential oils don’t sell themselves. While you may be “home”, you’re really at the office.

Everything that you do while on the clock matters.

Are you prepping to host a party? Are you reaching out to prospects through social sites? Going Live on Facebook to promote your business and products?

Unless you want to spend your entire career as a silver, organization of your home office is vital.

No Personal Matters

If you’re on a social site during business hours, the only reason should be to create or to promote your content.

It’s so easy to get lost on the internet. Don’t get distracted reading status updates or pins of new recipes that seem interesting.

Post your work hours on social sites. This way, friends and family know that you’re working and don’t have time for idle chit-chat or gossip.

Non-business phone calls should be for important matters or emergencies.

If you need to take your kid to the doctor, for example, that’s different. Putting your family first is one of the main reasons that people choose to work from home.

This is, believe it or not, a great opportunity to meet potential clients. You don’t go to the doctor every day. Make sure you’ve got some business cards.

Look for a reason to strike up a conversation about essential oils and how they can benefit people.

Squeeze every ounce out of your work day, especially when your personal life is trying to butt in.

Establish an Office Setting

Having an office set-up when you’re working from home is extremely important.

Not only should this be a workplace, but can also double as storage. ‘Make and Take’ parties to happen on their own.

You need a workspace to create small items to give away. You need a filing system for all of your recipes.

Maybe even a special stationary that you like to print them out on. This should be your Fortress of Solitude for selling essential oils.

This should also be a “no fly” zone for kids and significant others. Post your hours on the door and let friends and family know that they shouldn’t bother you unless it’s an emergency.

Another reason for this setup is so you can use your home office as a business tax deduction.

Don’t set this office up for maximum decor. Set it up for maximum productivity.

Invest in supplies that will make you more efficient, whether that be a standing desk or a high-end office chair, do what it takes to make you comfortable.

Breaks and Days Off

This is huge.

Grinding day in and day out while selling essential oils will wear on your soul. Take necessary breaks.

You’ll get burnt out and you’ll either quit or hate what you’re doing.

In the young living business, you want to promote yourself as someone who has become happier from the use of essential oils. Don’t give clients any reason to think that the products you’re selling aren’t making your life better.

If you’re married with kids, create a schedule that allows you to spend quality time with your family. Don’t try to start work until everyone is out of the house.

Ever heard of a split-shift? It’s a popular concept in the service industry. Employees will work a few hours, then come back later and work some more.

Split-shifts are perfect for busy moms who are working from home.

As an example, you can work from 8-2, grab the kids from school, make dinner, and then carve out some quiet time later on the evening to work on selling essential oils.

This kind of work-life balance is ideal for a young life distributor. Mornings and evenings are great times to network, pitch ideas for parties, and content posting/creation.

While being social during business hours is universally frowned upon, there are exceptions.

For example, if someone is interested in buying a young living starter kit, offer to meet up with them for coffee.

If you have young children, organize a play date and meet up with a prospective client at a park.

This type of social setting is a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for honest discussions on your products and how they can benefit the person you’re trying to sell to.

The Importance of Routine

While one of the greatest perks of working from home is the flexibility, you should still establish a routine for yourself.

This doesn’t have to be a “hard routine”. However, there should be a window of time for every task and your tasks should be listed or outlined at the beginning of every day.

Have a Plan B

A great way to combat laziness and inefficiency is to have a backup plan.

If a client is running late, respond to a few emails. If you’re stuck on what to write for your blog this week, take some time to visit other essential oil blogs and comment on their posts.

This is not just a great way to keep your name visible but can also give you ideas for posts of your own about selling essential oils.

Always be thinking ahead. Have plans and backup plans. As you start to develop your legs, all of these routines and tips will come in even handier than when you were completely alone in this endeavor.

It may seem a daunting task if you’re just getting started. If that’s the case, we’re here to help. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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