The Top Business Tools You Need to Take Your Young Living Business To the Next Level

According to a research conducted by IBISWorld, the essential oils market is estimated to make $1 billion in revenue each year, with an annual growth of 3.5% consistently from 2010-2015. Even with the economic downturn and recession, the essential oils market continued to thrive.

If you’re not part of this community yet, now would be the right time become a Young Living member. If you already are, you understand the impact of such statistics that offer substantial opportunity to the essential oil community. Are you doing everything you can to leverage your growth? Do you have all the tools to take your business to new heights? Needless to say, this opportunity could mean enhanced profits, provided you invest in some tools. So, where should you start? Here are some business tools for your Young Living success:


  1. Start With the Oils

Your business is only as good as the products. In this case, your association with Young Living is a guarantee that the essential oils you receive are 100% pure and the absolute best on the planet. Each essential oil – in its purest blends or infused derivatives – is created to take your customers on a sensory journey that enlivens the senses and balances both body and mind. Make sure to provide your customers with a variety in choice. The fascination, combined with the interest, will motivate them to become your loyal customers.


  1. A Creative & Simple Website That Tells Your Story

It is a digital era where every legit business has an online presence. It offers you exposure, credibility and growth! Don’t buy it? Let the numbers speak on their own: according to a Forrester Research, in 2011, $1.1 trillion of all retail sales were “web-influenced.” This means that customers either looked up products online before buying, or made the purchase itself over the internet. In today’s world, a business website isn’t an option, but a mandatory tool for success.

It is because of this popularity that the web design aspect has made such leaps and bounds; so much so, that no longer do you need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a sophisticated website. You can create your own customizable Young Living website in as low $5/month!


  1. Social Media Page

By 2016, it has been predicted that social media penetration will reach new heights, hitting its all time high with approximately 2.13 billion users around the globe. The number of Active users every month for Facebook is 1.15 billion; 359 million for Google Plus; 215 million for Twitter; 150 million for Instagram. Your potential customers are on various social media platforms. Are you? By linking your website with your social media pages, you can control and enhance the traffic.


  1. Business Cards

While you can’t take your website with you all the time, you can still promote your business on the go- and the best tool for that are business cards. Hand them out to friends, colleagues, family members at parties, etc. to encourage people to visit your website and learn more about your business.


Looking for more Young Living business tools?

The inception of My Oil Site is to give back and teach business skills to the Young Living community so that they may promote their business. Get started on your website now!

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