The Minimalistic Approach– A New Trend To Web Design?

In a world where the Internet is flooded with numerous design features and elements, it’s easy for your Young Living website to get lost in the anonymity. Being different is the only way you can truly stand out and make an impact. And thus, evolves the minimalistic design – the revolutionary website with the “less is more” approach. Loud and attention grabbing features are now stripped down of their superfluous elements, embracing the power of simplistic designs with basic fundamental design features.

Are you aware of this trend? Let’s take a look at what it entails for you:

More Than Just Image Based

Mostly, there have been marketers who wrongfully assumed that incorporating an image centric design would be the ideal minimalistic move. This approach is more than just images; it is the amalgamation of simple content, language, and color – that together, though subtle, elicits a powerful ‘call to action’ from the web visitors. When your readers transition from a conventional website to one that is of minimalistic characteristics, the force of the message is amplified.

Black & White Layouts vs. Attention Grabbing Colors

The rule of marketing: make sure they see it! Marketers all over the world – whether it is designing packages or websites – have opted for loud colors that stand out, and call for attention. But in the myriad of information that is now subjected to the subconscious aspect of the mind, your brain has grown accustomed to the assault of information in form of flashy websites and attention grabbing features. The tactic is no longer as effective as it had been.

Many minimalistic designs today choose splashes of black and white to give a simple, yet sophisticated, expression of your essential oils business. While a black and white website wouldn’t appeal for essential oils marketing, working with white backgrounds does have its appeal.


The focus of minimalistic designs isn’t that there are fewer platforms to excite the reader; rather, it devises ways where even the most subtle aspects can be used to develop an appeal. One such feature is typography. Using interesting fonts, you can make typography the primary visual appeal of your website.

Limited Content

When publishing content, you need not simply eliminate the information. Instead, rethink your strategy. Typically, your home page should reel them in. Aim for least information here: short sentences, in one paragraph are enough. Tell your story here. Inspire!

On the next pages of the website, talk about essential oils. Again, make sure the information is essential and accomplishes the goal to inform the reader or encourage a purchase. Throughout this time, you are offering concise and valuable content without overwhelming your potential customers.

The web design feature plays a significant role in enhancing sales. If the website appeals to them, they’re bound to give you a call. Take a look at My Oil Site website features. We bring to you some of the most stunning and easy to use websites with all the right features. We help you promote your essential oils websites with the best and most accessible Young Living business tools.

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