The 5 Success Strategies Every Young Living Distributor Must Know

The 5 Success Strategies Every Young Living Distributor Must Know

As a recent Young Living essential oils distributor, have you found yourself struggling with sales? You’ve heard numerous success stories of members and you expected similar results. Is there something they’re doing differently? Should you change your approach? And more importantly, how can you get through?

The underlying problem could be many. Lucky for you, it can be easily overcome. Consider these five strategies that we believe every Young Living distributor needs to know:


  1. Invest In the Right Business Tools

There are some members for whom the Young Living business is more of a side job – somewhat of a hobby. If you’re not working on this full-time, or not looking to gain a six or seven digit figure income, making small investments will pay off in small returns, and you might even be content with it. On the other hand, if you’re really serious about the business, you must invest time as well as money into it. Remember, it is an investment – not an expense. Create a website for your Young Living business, have business cards designed, create a social media presence – invest and you shall receive gains!


  1. Be Open To The Learning Experience

If you really want to succeed in this business, create a winning mindset! We recommend visiting training sessions, listening to other members speak about their experiences, sharing yours, and asking people for their ideas. By listening to people who have already acquired success in the industry, you learn firsthand about the things that they did right and their shortcomings, so that you can implement the same in your business.


  1. Build Your Network

In the selling business, relationships count! People are more likely to purchase from someone they know and trust than from a complete stranger. Speak to potential retailers, individual customers, spas, natural healing centers, etc. Essential oils are a hot commodity; and people want to buy in. By building your network, you’re making loyal customers who will be putting in a good word for you with their friends, and their friends, so on and so forth. That’s word of mouth at play, right there – the most cost effective marketing strategy.


  1. Invest Time In Lead Generation

For any successful sale, the best strategy is lead generation. There are many ways that you can generate leads that can be translated into sales. Among these strategies are website development, blogging, Facebook PPC, Google paid advertising, banner advertising and personal selling.


  1. Commit – And Never Stop Growing

The moment you get too comfortable or too content with your current position, you inadvertently stop growing. The market changes. Keep revising and fine-tuning your strategy for growth. Take advantage of seasonal opportunities. Commit to the business and prosperity and growth will fall into place!

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