How to Tell your Story the Right Way

Starting your own essential oils website is easy enough with the help of our platform. You can create your own Young Living Essential Oils website in just a few minutes, using our site. Creating social media accounts is just as easy, but the difficult part comes in when you have to use these different avenues to market your business effectively.


Building a marketing campaign for your business, that works, is not an easy task. You have to find the right message that will resonate among your audience. Marketing experts believe that sharing something personal is one of the best ways to market a business or its products. When you tell a story that has meaning for you to market your business, the audience will feel the personal touch and your message will have a better impact on them.


What is and isn’t, Promotional Storytelling

Before you start sharing your stories and experience with the essential oils community, using your own Young Living independent distributor site, you should read some essential information about promotional storytelling below:


Promotional Stories can be…

  • An interesting story behind the inception of your business. If so, then you should talk about that.
  • A special motivational statement or quote that you and your employees live by
  • Your inspiration behind selecting Young Living products would make a good promotional story.
  • Tell people why customers buy from you; tell them about the comments or reviews you receive.
  • An experience that you had after you started your business, it can be something that helped you transform your business. An inspirational story like that will be popular among the audiences.
  • The subject of a goal that you are working towards can be an interesting promotional story.
  • What you stand for as an organization can also help you get your message across to the audiences effectively.
  • When trying to tell the story, try to keep the promotional element to a minimum. A subtle approach is a better approach.


Promotional Stories cannot be…

  • A long history of your company.
  • An isolated incident that has nothing to do with your business or products.
  • Incomplete information about what your company stands for.
  • Anything boring or uninteresting.
  • False information to garner attention.
  • An attempt to make something go ‘viral’.


After perusing the information above, you can start writing the best promotional stories that can help you attract more potential customers to your business. With our Pro package you can have a separate blog section and share all the promotional or non promotional stories you want.

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