The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Young Living Business

young living business

We’ve all been through it– the struggle of dealing with a bad boss, unstable job, or not being able to find work.


When people are done dealing with that struggle, they often look at owning their own business as an alternative.


And, let us tell you, being your own business owner can be a great thing.


With a company like Young Living, the people who own their own branch are passionate about what they do. They like to make things work and be successful in bringing great products to friends, family, and their leads.


It’s an opportunity to get out of the regular grind of an office or seasonal job and start doing what you want to do.


MyOilSite is a tool that helps Young Living business owners climb the ladder of success within the company. We provide excellent templates, graphics, and informational blogs to help you every step of the way.


Getting started is tough and it can seem like there’s just too much to get your head around before you can start seeing the rewards.


To help you, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to starting your Young Living business and working towards success!




What is Young Living?


Young Living is a company that’s passionate about bringing the benefits of pure essential oils to our communities.


Young Living sells essential oils that help common problems like stress, low energy, stomach irritation, and so on.


These are products you can put your trust in. That’s why so many people love working for Young Living.


And that’s why so many people love Young Living’s products!



MLM business: what you need to know


Young Living is a Multi-Level Marketing company. This means that you are able to work as much as you want (and be as successful at you want)!


You’ll be working with customers and making sales on your own time, and have a great support network to help you keep the momentum going.


Multi-level marketing often gets a bad rep, but the truth is simple: if you work hard, you’ll succeed. And we do everything we can to make sure this happens, which is why we offer so many great tools to Young Living business owners!


Young Living, because it’s an MLM business, lets people be their own bosses and run their own businesses from home.


The days of struggling to fit into a bland office or with people who don’t understand your ethics are gone. Instead, spend time building your consumer base and see your results grow.



How to start your Young Living business off right


If you want to start your Young Living business off on the right foot, and absolutely crush your sales goals, you’ll want to focus on the things that really work when it comes to marketing and sales.


We’ve put together a list of must-dos to make your Young Living business stick around long term.

Understand your products

The first thing you’ll need to do when you start your Young Living business is to experiment and really understand the products you are selling.


This means that you should use and read up on each oil to find out what it does. You can see the results yourself and offer a compelling testimonial to your clients about the product.


The more you know, the more you can recommend to help them. And with your excellent communication and personal skills, a conversation about their lifestyles and symptoms can really lead to an enlightening sale.

Get your sales link and set up your page

As a member of Young Living, you’ll be getting your own sales link and ID cards to give to your clients.


It’s a super easy way to link people directly so that the sales you make will be paying you back directly.


You’ll also be setting up your website pages, which open up a huge window of opportunity. Every business needs a website that’s well-designed and really draws people in.


Your website should include the products you’re selling and any related information that the client should have. Make sure to spend time on this and take advantage of the tools we offer.


MyOilSite is here to directly support you in taking your Young Living business site to the next level so don’t miss out!

Create messaging that matters

We’ve said this before: no one likes to get a message that sounds like it was written by a robot and sent to a long list of people.


Add personal touches to your messages. Use a happy voice so that anyone who reads your content can “hear” you speaking and gets that personal touch we all love.


When you create messaging that matters, you’ll find your client returning to your site for future purchases because they feel that you care about them.


Send out information about new products, new combinations, and benefits they may not have known about.


If you keep your database organized, you can even add more nuanced messages in that relates more closely to them!

Communicate with motivation

Motivation makes money, and you’re a business owner now.


Sometimes when people start off working from home, it can be hard to get out of that feeling of being at home. You will want to mentally associate your space as your work, and ready yourself just like you would with a regular job.


Working from your PJs is fun, but also make sure you’re motivated to have fun and sell great products.


Push yourself to communicate with others as motivation for them to use the product. Your motivation is tied to your success, so sell it!



Check out MyOilSite for more great info


We love to keep up our blog to let you access the latest information to help you take your Young Living business to the next level.


We’ve even put together some great FAQs and tutorials to help you get started!


Starting your own business is wonderful and we’re here to help you every step of the way. If you just want to spruce up your site or completely redesign it, be sure to contact us.

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