Social Media and a Website; a Killer Marketing Strategy

We alluded to this topic in a previous post, about how many organizations, companies and new businesses today, are deciding not to create websites as means to building an online presence. They are instead choosing to create social media pages and accounts instead, because they think that social media is the more effective and affordable option.

All the advantages of social media are great for your business, but not having a website can be a huge mistake, especially if you can create one that is easy to manage and affordable. They can serve the purpose of being the hub of your online strategy, meaning, the combination of your website and social media pages can provide you with the best possible online marketing platform.


Virtual Presence

With the help of your brand’s website and social media pages, you will be able to create and maintain a virtual presence that will keep you relevant in the eyes of your audiences. Your website will be like a complete digital brochure for your company’s products or services and the social media pages will let you forge relationships with your clients.


The Certainties and the Uncertainties

Social media pages can bring your brand to your audience’s notice, but they are always changing rules and regulations about how they operate. A website of your own will allow you to be in complete control over the marketing material you post. Even if the social media doesn’t allow the content, you can use you website to post it.


The Coordination

So, if you have been thinking about killing off your website or about not creating a site at all, think again. The right website will allow you to control and maintain your entire digital marketing strategy. You will be able to post your thoughts, stories and promotional material on your website’s blog and then easily share it on all the platforms you want.


You have to pour all your creativity and marketing genius into your online marketing strategy and have all the necessary tools at your disposal . Create social media accounts, build pages on them and launch your personal website, to use this killer marketing combination to your advantage.

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