Is Social Media really better than a Website?

There are many businesses around the world today that are forgoing creating a website to build their online presence. Instead, business owners are creating profiles on social media platforms and maintaining their online presence with these social media accounts.


Here at My Oil Site, we feel that this trend affects us and our users directly, so naturally we wanted to find out if this trend is actually effective, are social media accounts better than having a website? The answer to this question isn’t simple, but to get an accurate assessment we will look at some information about social media and how it is used to promote businesses online.


The Cost

The most obvious advantage of creating social media pages instead of a website is the cost. Development of customized websites can cost businesses a lot and some of them would rather use that money elsewhere. This is one of the reasons why they choose not to create website.


Social media accounts on the other hand, don’t cost them a thing. This is an affordable option, especially for new business owners. However, our site is a bit different in this regard; it allows essential oils distributors to create affordable personal websites.



If you have looked at some of the management systems of different websites, then you know that they can be quite difficult to understand. Social media accounts are a stark contrast to that, they are simple and easy to manage. Not every hosting site offers the simplicity that we offer to our users.



Amid all the advantages of social media, we often forget the limitations it has for business owners, especially those selling products or offering different services. They do not offer any e-commerce features and the functionality they provide just isn’t enough for business owners.


Websites are also Important

By looking at the information above, it can safely be concluded that social media is an effective marketing tool, but it does have its limitations. So, if you can afford a website, you should create one. It will help you maintain a complete web presence that social media accounts alone will not allow you to do.


The answer to the question we asked above is yes, social media can be better than creating a website but you still need a website for a myriad of other reasons, least of which is that it can play a big role in your marketing campaign. So, essential oils aficionados create your own websites today and see the benefits a personal website can offer you.

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