How to Promote a Young Living Starter Kit

young living starter kit

Hey Young Living Distributors! Are you looking to recruit new Young Living Members?

Promoting your Young Living Starter Kit is the first step in getting some new distributors.

Of course, you want to make sure your kit looks appealing enough for your potential clients. When you package the oils together, you can make a pretty display, which will hopefully help you sell more starter kits.

This is a great first start, but you will also need to promote the kits in other ways.

Want to know the best strategies for promoting the starter kits? Check out our list of the top 5 things you can do to market these Young Living starter kits:

1. Promote the Young Living Starter Kit on Social Media

You can use your own social media accounts, create one for your business, or both in order to promote the Young Living starter kits.

Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get the word out about anything. The first thing you should always do when trying to sell a product is to reach out to your network. Find out if any of your friends and family or anyone that they know is interested in the product.

Post a Facebook status, an Instagram photo, or a Tweet about the starter kit that you’re selling. With barely any effort, you’ll be able to reach your entire network.

Your posts on social media will also make it very easy for your friends to share your posts with their network, giving you an even bigger audience.

Moreover, you may also want to consider making separate social media accounts for your business.

Therefore, you will be able to do double the amount of promotion just from social media alone. This can also help you keep your personal social media accounts private from your clients.

98% of small business owners have said that they use social media as a digital marketing strategy. If it works for so many businesses, it may even work for you too!

2. Promote on a Blog or Website

Do you already have your own blog with a good amount of followers? You can start promoting your Young Living starter kit on your own personal blog. This will show your readers that you are familiar with the product.

Since your readers are already following your blog, they will likely trust your opinions on the Young Living starter kit.

Additionally, when promoting the kit on your blog or website, use images of the products to entice your consumers. Visual aids give customers a better feel of what the product will be like.

You will also want to create some awesome content about your Young Living starter kit when promoting on your blog or website. Share your knowledge about the product in your promotions. Make your post relatable to your consumers to gain more Young Living Members.

When tying to convince others to buy the product and become a Young Living distributor, show them your own results from when you first started selling. If others see that your own investment in the Young Living starter kit was successful, they will be more interested in investing too.

3. Create a Detailed Tutorial

In order to promote the Young Living starter kit, you may want to include a detailed tutorial of how to purchase the product and what happens next.

Many people may be nervous about investing their money into something when they don’t know what kind of results to expect. Setting up a guide that shows them what to do step-by-step will make your customers more comfortable with the idea of investing their money into a kit.

Your tutorial can be a written tutorial on your blog, site, or social media accounts. Make sure to also include photos to help your readers understand what you’re referring to in your tutorial.

You might also want to consider doing a video tutorial as well. You can create a video on Youtube or even do a Facebook Live video so that people can watch you work in the moment.

Videos will help you be relatable to the people that you are trying to reach out to.

4. Include a Frequently Asked Questions Page

Your potential clients will probably have a lot of questions that they will want answered before they invest their money into the starter kit.

Think about the questions you had before purchasing your first Young Living starter kit. Create a list of these questions and write the answers to them.

Make sure to include your frequently asked questions page on your blog or website, and post a link to the page when you’re promoting the starter kit on social media.

Before making a commitment to buy the starter kit, your customers will want to feel like they are not going to be scammed. They will be looking for all of the information that they can find to feel confident. Help out your customers by writing up a list of frequently asked questions.

5. Email Marketing

As a Young Living Distributor, have you complied a list of email addresses from customers or subscribers?

Create an email marketing campaign to promote the starter kit to as many people as you can.

Make sure your email is short and to the point. Include an image of the kit, and add a part of your own personal experience to the email.

Finally, send out a mass email to all of your subscribers at once to share your product very quickly.

Email marketing may seem a bit old school, but sometimes, it can really get the job done!

Stay motivated and positive when you’re trying to sell the Young Living starter kit. In order to make the most of your sales, you need to put in your energy to promoting the kit.

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