The Path to Becoming a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

The fresh citrus scent of sweet orange.

The crisp scent of a bristlecone pine.

The woodsy aroma of rosemary.

Imagine getting ready for work as the top notes of sweet orange oil waft through your bedroom air. Or how about getting a massage with diluted peppermint essential oil to work out the knots in your shoulders?

Are you an essential oils connoisseur? Do you live and breathe essentials oils? Then maybe it’s time you embark on the journey to becoming a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor.

What’s  Young Living?

Tea Tree or Ylang Ylang?

As an essential oils aficionado, you probably love browsing through an line of fabulous products to buy for yourself. Maybe you even love ordering essential oils for your family. After all, they seem to trust your judgement when it comes to anything essential oils!

But as an essential oils distributor you want to connect people only to a wealth of high-grade essential oils! And, with Young Living you’re ensured just that!

From therapeutic grade to Seed to Seal standard, Young Living Essential Oils are only of the purest quality! Not only that, the company also offers a vast variety of essential oil collection. So instead of working with say only three essential oils, you’ve a wealth of therapeutic grade essential oils at your disposal.

The best part is that you get to avail wholesale discounts and participate in reward programs, once you sign up as a Young Living Distributor!.

The company provides you as a Young Living Distributor to translate your love and expertise into something bigger and better! It gives you the platform to help people meet their essential oils needs!

What’s The Process Of Signing Up As Young Living Distributor?

So you’ve decided to share your love and expertise with the rest of the world! Now what comes next is very simple.

Everything that you need to sign up as a Young Living Distributor’s online. Visit their member sign up page to register as a distributor. Fill out the personal information. Now create a pin and a password. Make sure you don’t forget them! You’ll need this to log into your account later.

Next, choose your desired enrolment kit. But make sure you select a Premium Starter Kit to avail any mad discounts!

You can also select any additional products while signing up. Don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions to check out successfully! 

What’s The Process Of Earning As A Young Living Distributor?

As a Young Living Distributor you’ve several options available to you for making a good living. To simply what that means for you, let’s look at the basics.

Fast Start Bonus: You get to earn up to $200 for every distributor you personally sponsor. But that’s not all! When you help sponsor a distributor you get 25% of the personally sponsored distributor’s orders for the first three months.

Retail Customers: When you sign up as a wholesale member you get a 24% discount on Young Living retail prices. You also get to keep the 24% when your customers place an order with you.

Start Living Bonus: When your personally sponsored distributors buy the Premium Starter Kit, you end up earning one-time $25 bonus.

Down line Commissions:  After three months, you begin to receive a down line commission of 8% on any orders successfully secured through your personally sponsored distributors. You even get to earn a down line commission of 5% when your personally sponsored distributor enrolls other distributors.

Want To Translate Your Essential Oils’ Expertise Into Something Bigger?

If you’ve decided to translate your essential oils expertise and love into something grander, then sign up on Young Living Essential Oils official website! Nowadays, the market for essential oils is rapidly growing, and with the expected demand to rise at the rate of 8.6% (2019-2025); it’s only right that you tap into this niche.

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