Online Reputation Repair: Handling Negative Reviews

online reputation repair

Your online reputation is everything. If people are looking you up online, it means they need more information about you.

That makes it essential that the first thing they see is positive.

So when you go online and see bad reviews, the first thing you need to do is engage in online reputation repair. It isn’t easy: it requires interaction and smart thinking to avoid sinking down with the review.

But once you do it, you’ll be better off with customers who trust you and an online presence you can be comfortable with again.

Here’s our guide to fixing bad reviews before they become a problem.

Don’t Be Combative

It’s human nature to panic when we’re under attack online.

A bad review threatens your source of income. It can turn customers away before they even give your products a try.

Most people who run their own business couldn’t imagine going back to a life before having the level of control it gives them.

For the first time, they’re seeing themselves under attack. A potential result of this is the loss of their ability to run a website. That can be absolutely horrifying.

A fight-or-flight response is a natural reaction to this. But you need to do everything within your power to avoid it.

Learning From Television

Learn from the hit TV series Kitchen Nightmares’ most infamous episode.

Amy’s Baking Company was a restaurant that had its reputation threatened after a particularly bad incident on the show.

It was so bad, in fact, that Gordon walked out: something Kitchen Nightmares fanatics can tell you never happens on the show.

After this incident, they were besieged by negative reviews on websites like Yelp and Reddit.

Instead of working on fixing the problems that lead their online reputation to ruin, the restaurant had a different strategy to online reputation repair.

They posted a series of poorly spelled and cuss-filled rants on social media and even threatened to sue negative reviewers.

Needless to say, this was not the most effective way to fix their reputation.

Two years later, the world’s most violent cupcake shop closed its doors.

The moral of the story is this: if you fight people, they will associate your business with negativity.

Protect Your Brand

Before you are an essential oil seller, you are a brand. So having these associations develop will destroy the confidence your customers have in you.

Instead of fighting your customers, show that you can be the bigger person and engage with legitimate criticisms of your business.

Fixing Problems Is The Best Online Reputation Repair

Another response people have to negative reviews is to attempt to scrub them from the internet.

Like fighting bad reviewers, this can be a bad idea.

There are times when you may legitimately need to remove bad reviews from the net (more on that later,) but if a review is legitimate this is not the case.

Not everybody is going to like your business. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can engage in online reputation repair.

The Power Of An Apology

The best bet for those interested in responding to bad reviews is taking an understanding and apologetic approach.

No matter what industry you’re in, there are a few steps to doing this.

The first is telling your customer that you’re sorry they had a bad experience.

Remind them that you pride yourself on delivering a good product or service and that there’s no excuse for something of a low quality.

For instance, if somebody gets a shipment of essential oils late, make sure you show a commitment to getting future shipments there on time.

Then, provide them with a private line of communication where they can discuss the matter in greater detail.

Having them continue to describe their negative experience on social media will only draw more attention to the review. You still want to have a discussion about this, so moving it somewhere private is the best way to do that.

Making Difficult Decisions

Online reputation repair also involves making difficult decisions. If the complaints of your customer are legitimate, give them a refund or a coupon for something free.

While this may cause you some short-term pain, it will improve your reputation in the long run.

Now, a number of reviewers will decide to remove their negative reviews from your website. In addition, you will have built a reputation as somebody who can seriously engage with all customers, even those who do not like them.

Responding gracefully to bad reviews is a great way to engage in online reputation repair while making your existing customers more loyal.

Responding to Fake Reviews

Legitimate negative reviews need to be dealt with.

Unfortunately, there’s also a growing trend of fake negative reviews online. You should try to get these removed from the internet.

You cannot argue with people who are lying.

You can only inform the hosts of whatever website they’re posted on that these reviews are false, or take legal recourse.

It is far too common for a rival business or young living seller to use fake reviews to shut down their competition.

Fake reviews, positive or negative, are illegal. If you are the victim of a fake review, you have options by which to fight back.

Respond Quickly and Appropriately

But first, you need to hide the review. Every second that it spends online, it draws customers away from you and towards your competitors.

And once somebody becomes the loyal customer of another business, it’s almost impossible to win them over to your side.

Luckily, most websites have a process by which reviews can be temporarily or permanently removed.

In addition, websites like Yelp and Amazon have taken their own legal recourse against fake reviewers in the past.

Just as it’s important to respond to genuine negative reviews, removing fake reviews from the net is vital to online reputation repair.

Having The Best Online Presence

Online reputation repair is absolutely vital if you want to succeed as a professional.

That’s because, in today’s world, your online reputation is everything.

If you’re a Young Living seller, we offer some of the best tools available to build up your digital presence.

From widgets to graphics, we want to help you sell as many products as possible.

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