Making Your Young Living Business’s Online Presence Outstanding

It is not those who fit in that are remembered. It is those who stand out…who make an impact…those businesses that do not think out of the box; rather, break it!

The essential oils business is thriving now more than ever before. With thousands of members, the community consists of names of people who have transformed their side Young Living businesses into a powerhouse, major entity earning six digit figures as income.

If you’re looking to make your mark on the history of the Young Living network, it’s time to take your online presence to the next level. Time to break the box! Here’s how you can do that:


1.     Educate Your Customers About Essential Oils

So here’s the thing. We’re in the midst of a content marketing revolution. And you need to be on board. This means that you need to establish your website as the education hub, providing information about what you’re selling. Today, people want to learn more about what they’re buying. Most people will look up products online before purchasing it. If they’re looking for information, why should they not find it on your website? Talk about you’re the essential oils.


2.     Socialize… & We Mean Really Socialize

Yes, it is the era where content marketing is king; but social media is god. You should leverage off of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more for your essential oil marketing. However, don’t just opt for a hit and miss. Have a strategy in mind. Decide how you want to be viewed. Do you want to be portrayed as an expert in essential oils? Then you may need to post original and educational content that will promote you as a professional. It builds your credibility and fan following!

3.     Be A Promoter

Learn to promote. Not just yourself, but other people too! There are numerous resources out there that talk about the benefits and new usages of essential oils. Remember, your customers don’t like a sales pitch. They’re wary of it. But talking about these people, and sharing their work, you earn yourself some goodwill not just by the people you’re promoting (who, by the way, will return the favor), but also potential customers.


4.     Be Specific About Who You Are & What You Stand For (Share Your Story)

Identity matters. Who you are is just as important as what you’re selling. People no longer just want to buy essential oils; they want to buy it from the right person. Sure, the fact that you’re selling Young Living essential oils should be enough credibility; but having your very own niche and contributions is just as important. You are your own personal brand. Make sure that people who purchase from you understand your values, your commitment and passion for what you do. When you love what you do, and communicate that online, it shows! It attracts people!

As Young Living business builders, we take great pride in providing members with the chance to take their business to the next level. Want to make a lasting online impact? Explore our website and take a look at our customizable website and business cards.

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