Looking To Become Young Living Member? You Don’t Have To Be An Essential Oils Pro

Thinking of becoming a Young Living essential oil member, but know nothing about the amazing benefits and usages of these essential oils? Can you, after all, embrace this amazing business opportunity? Here’s a fact: despite common judgment, one need not be an essential oils pro in order to truly be part of the Young Living community.

Essential oils can be quite overwhelming. It is quite challenging, if not impossible, to learn everything about these Young Living essential oils uses. It does, however, go a long way knowing a few things. In order to sell these oils to your consumers, it is imperative that you understand the basics – if not the details – of the power of the essential oils. We make your life easier, and less complicated.

Kick start your essential oils business knowing these facts about the oils:


1.     Young Living Essential Oils Can Be Used In Three Ways

Once you receive your Young Living Starter Kit, you will come across a variety of essential oils that can be used aromatically, topically and as a dietary supplement. So, how do you use each of these?

  • In order to use an aromatic essential oil, you can directly inhale out of the bottle. Although, it must be mentioned that the true essence of the essential oil can only be experienced when it is applied. The contents of the bottle can be too overpowering for you to truly appreciate its scents. So, take a few drops on a cotton ball, on your hands or in a diffuser (add about 3-8 drops).
  • When using an essential oils topically, add a few drops (about 1-3) in carrier oil before applying on your skin. Make sure to keep in away from your eyes and ears.
  • To enjoy the benefits of essential oils in your meals, you can add a few drops in your beverages such as natural juices, green tea, honey, water. You may also want to remember using a glass, and not plastic container, when using essential oils.


2.     Each Bottle Has A Label On It

You don’t have to feel completely clueless as to the application and use of essential oils. Each Young Living bottle will inform you on the best application of the oil.


3.     Read A Bit About the Essential Oils

There’s common misconception amongst most non-members that all Young Living community folks are essential oil pros. Not quite; although it never hurts to do your homework. Your customers are more likely to purchase from you if they feel that you have an idea about the benefits. You take on the role of the expert. Don’t memorize stuff of the internet. Read up a bit; and more importantly, experience it yourself! Heard about the relaxing properties of Lavender? Check it out yourself! Read that Lemon can clean even the most stubborn stain? Why not try it out? That way, you will be in a better position to educate and advice your customers.

Ready to embrace this amazing opportunity? Once you become a member and get your hands on your kit, get ready to market your business. And we have the right tools at My Oil Site! Check out our Young Living member website options and business card tools.

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