How To Make Money and Stay Motivated Selling Young Living

how to make money

There’s nothing more difficult than working from home.

Life, responsibilities, bills, the needs of spouses and children, regular everyday things seem to seep into your workday. No matter how hard you try to separate the two, something always seems to get in the way.

All the distractions can be devastating to your motivation and will to continue your home business. That goes double for people who also have a full-time job and just sell essential oils on the side.

If this sounds like you, then you must be wondering what’s next? What can you do to beat the blues and stay on your small business A game? Is there a way how to make money in this environment?

Keep reading to learn how to make money and elevate your business.

Staying Focused At Home

While direct marketing companies have made working from home more commonplace and an attractive option for many, the concept of working from home is actually as old as, well, the concept of working.

For years strategists have been developing best practices for work-from-home professionals who fall into the motivation trap.

Create A Work Environment

Define your work area. It’s easy to lose motivation sitting on your couch with the TV on in the background and the sound of your spouse doing the dishes ringing in your ears.

When possible create a space that is your dedicated workspace. If your home doesn’t allow for a study, a small desk and comfy chair should do the trick.  This small improvement might make all the difference.

Work on Schedule

Office life operates on a tight schedule, and your home-office life should too. Finding a routine that jives with your lifestyle is a key factor in learning how to make money at home.

Setting deadlines to complete tasks you assign yourself is another way to work on schedule toward personal success.

When you work from home you are only accountable to yourself.  With these tips, you can stay on the right track.

Make Sure You Have the Tools for the Job

If you can’t see clients without a day planner, you need to make sure you always have one on you. If you need a headset for phone calls, invest in one.

This concept is pretty simple, you’ll be the most professional and productive when you have the right tools. Set yourself up for success by doing a quick inventory of work tools and ensuring your needs are met.

That can include things like having a website to promote your brand.

Give Yourself a Break

Don’t sacrifice work quality by burning the candle at both ends. Take breaks when you need to.  Wind down and get rest.

It’s great to be passionate but not at the expense of your mental health or well-being. And if it comes down to it, you’ll get burned out without breaks, that’s not how to make money.

Share Your Passion

If you really want to learn how to make money, it’s as simple as being passionate.

Young Living offers an opportunity to educate people on a healthier lifestyle. Do that by offering recipes for household cleaners, blogging about your favorite oils and sharing them with your friends.

Simply put. Just tell the world what you love about oils and the products sell themselves.

No selling. Just a passion for Young Living products and drive to succeed.

Create Content So Others Can Share Your Passion

Even if you aren’t a blogger, you can still create awesome content to promote your business. If you want to make money, you have to get creative!

Use meme generators to create your own memes, write down recipes to share, or create quick two-minute videos for YouTube.

Get comfortable talking on camera and sharing your experience and you will see an increase in signups for your Young Living business.

Facebook Live is another way to reach new enrollments. It’s ideal because when you create a Facebook Live video, it gets ranked higher within Facebook’s algorithm than other content. That guarantees people will see your video, and they will be able to interact with you along the way.

Remember the best way to make money is not through oil sales, but to have people sign up under you. Gear all your content towards signups and watch your business soar.

Understand the Structure

To that end, it’s important to understand how Young Living structures its MLM.

Money is generally earned through commissions and bonuses. You get a commission on oils you sell, and you also receive a commission when someone under you sells a certain volume. So the more people selling under you the bigger your commission.

But as the team grows you also become eligible for certain bonuses. Bonuses are generally based on team volume and whether you move up in rank. They go up to 25% so that’s how to make money.

If it all sounds sort of complicated, Young Living offers a comprehensive compensation plan based on building your business. This plan offers infographics for visual learners.

Ranks start with a single distributor creating a foundation $50 or $100 dollars at a time, and go up to Royal Crown Diamond. At the highest tier, you have six legs of the organization producing $35,000 or more a month.

For those just starting out, Young Living offers a Fast Start Bonus and Start Living Bonuses that hinge on early enrollments.

Now You Know How to Make Money From Home; Get Out There and Educate!

The time to hesitate is through. Be the best distributor you can be by staying motivated and following these tips designed to help you make money, fast! Young Living offers one of the best essential oil products in the world. And a competitive compensation package.

Don’t be left out.  Let your passion for the product launch your career into renewed success. Get creative with how you share your message and gear communications towards signups.

Follow our blog here. And leave a comment below to let us know how these tips are working for you.

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