How To Keep Your Young Living Business Thriving Through the Summers

How To Keep Your Young Living Business Thriving Through the Summers

It’s that time of the year when the warm summer breeze calls for days spent on the beach, vacations and activities with the family. In the midst of all the fun, enjoyment and excitement, it’s easy to put your Young Living growth on hold; after all, you deserve a vacation, right? However, as members and distributors, this leads to numerous missed out opportunities.

Guess what? You can have your fun, while keep the Young Living business afloat and thriving using these simple tips:


  1. Always Keep Your Essential Oils Around

You could be vacationing in Florida or even Hawaii, surrounded with new people. Who can you sell to? Remember, vacation times are perhaps the best times to make a sale. While working, most folks are too engrossed with their everyday life to care about purchasing essential oils. However, on vacation, they’re relaxed, available and looking to have a great time. That makes them more accessible to you. Don’t go for a hard sell. Strike up a conversation about the benefits of essential oils for stress relief and other ailments. Encourage them to request a purchase.


  1. Carry Brochures And Business Cards

While speaking to people, hand over your brochures. If you’re visiting a pub or café, leave some on the table, if allowed. Don’t forget the business cards, of course. It’s the best and more direct way they can get in touch with you if they’re interested in purchasing. If you don’t already have a business card, get them right here!


  1. Wear Apparel That promotes Your Business

Apparels can act as an amazing walking billboard promoting your business wherever you go. This can be a great conversation starter. Have your business logo imprinted with your website address.


  1. Stay Active On Social Media

Thanks to SmartPhones, social media access is something that you can enjoy on the go everywhere! All you need is an internet connection – which one must admit isn’t quite the challenge in today’s era. Every middle-end café and restaurant offers Wi-Fi access these days. Check in at least once a day. Customer responsiveness on social media pages is increasing rapidly. That means there are more chances your potential customer will get in touch with you there, than actually calling you. By being immediately receptive, you enhance the likelihood of a purchase.

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