How To Get Your Young Living Essential Oils Business Ready For the Winter

As the remnants of Fall fades, we see the trees that were once tainted yellow now slowly shriveling up. The once long days are now shorter, and nights have become longer. In spite of the beautiful scenery around you, you cannot deny that winter is upon us – or will be in about 2 weeks.

With a new season comes a host of new opportunities for Young Living members. More people seek out the natural solace of essential oils to make the winters bearable. Time to beef up your marketing campaign. Here are some things that you can do to get your Young Living essential oils business ready for the cold days:


Add A Winter Theme To Your Essential Oil Website

Your website is a constant 24/7 billboard for your essential oils business. While you may not afford to invest in outdoor or other conventional advertising, your website does the work for you. Before the winter theme though, one of the things that you’d want to focus on is consistency. Make sure you have a professional layout that has some common elements with the Young Living business. It makes you look credible and can do wonders to build trust. It’s really amazing how web design essentials come into play to help customers build an opinion about you.

Once you have your website designed with all the professional specifications, you want your website to be up-to-date with the seasonal trends. Add season appropriate blogs to make it more relevant to your customers. Post blogs that provide tips to stay warm and healthy during the cold season.


Have Business Cards On Hand

The festive seasons begin soon enough. And that means there are going to be plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new people. Utilize these events to promote your business by handing out professional Young Living business cards. Here, you can introduce the idea of essential oils to people, informing them of the benefits of various oils during winter.


Special Winter Promotion

Everyone loves discounts. They want to feel that they’ve received a great deal or buy. Winters have some of the most amazing sales, and you don’t want your business to bite dust. Jump on the special winter promotion bandwagon. It isn’t that you have to sell the essential oils at a lower cost than what you’ve purchased it at. Instead, package it up to make it more attractive. Here are some ways:

  • Make a gift basket of essential oils in various units. It’s the holiday season, and these gift baskets are a hot sell!
  • Bundle up. Put some of the most popular winter essential oils together to make a wellness package.
  • Offer smaller discounts price discounts or limited coupons. This can really drive up sale for the season!

You need the right business tools for your Young Living business. These tools allow you to share a story about essential oils and promote your business for just about every season. Winter is finally here. Is your business prepared? Take a look at some of our business tools available at My Oil Site.

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