Go Big! Tips On Promoting & Growing Your Young Living Business

Looking for ways to promote our Young Living business? We talked to some of the most successful members, and here’s what they had to say:

1.     Learn Everything You Can About Essential Oils

Knowledge gives you the undeniable power to rule over your Young Living kingdom. You want to sell your products to customers – people who either know limited or nothing at all about what these essential oils can do. By learning what you can, you become their guide, the expert. The added credibility is great for promoting you.


2.     Design & Develop A Website

If you’ve signed up as a Young Living member, then you need a website that provides you with an online exposure. For most entrepreneurs, developing a website is viewed as a high incurring cost. Not quite anymore. No more do you need to get in touch with web developers to create a website. My Oil Site provide Young Living marketing tools in form of a customizable and easy to develop website that you can get for free, $5/month and $20/month, depending on the features you’re looking for.


3.     Make The Most of Social Media

With over 1.49 billion monthly active users on Facebook, chances are that your target audience is available online. Social media allows you vast and infinite opportunities to reach out to a wide area of customers. It has rendered geographical boundaries irrelevant. Numerous businesses have used these platforms to attract customers, transform followers into customers and build long term loyalty as well. Make sure the content you post are relevant and attractive enough to be shared.


4.     Promote Essential Oils

By educating people about essential oils, you inadvertently promote the industry. This could be in form of blogs, articles, publications on your website, or speaking to people personally. However, watch out for the tone of your communication. You don’t want to oversell the product. This may only end up annoying your potential customers. Instead provide a genuine and compelling reasoning.


5.     Remember the Power of Word Of Mouth

Some members have pegged this as one of the most crucial ways that they can grow their business. You are most likely to purchase a product that was referred to you by a friend or benefactor than a stranger you just met. Let your customers become your marketers! Speak to people; show them you care; and they’ll promote your business!


6.     Don’t Forget Your Business Cards

Your business card is your contact point – it is the easiest way to encourage customers to call you. Developing a well designed and attractive card could be the added benefit of building credibility and a sense of professionalism.

Young Living has an amazing bonus package for its members. The more you promote your business, the bigger you get. Ready to take your Young Living essential oils business to the next level? Get in touch with My Oil Site, your Young Living business builders.

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