How to Get People Talking About Your Young Living Business

young living business

Nothing is more rewarding than making money doing what you love.

That’s maybe a part of the reasons you decided to join Young Living: to make your dream of being a successful business owner come true. Aside from, of course, the awesome benefits of the products.

But are you struggling with promoting your Young Living business? Or are you just looking to get more people to know you?

Read on as we share 5 tried and tested ways on how you can grow your business successful by getting people to talk about you!

1. Pick your sponsor’s brain

What’s great about the Young Living business is that you’re never alone in this.

It’s not like a “classic” business in the sense that you can actually ask your sponsor for a business model to follow.

Never hesitate to talk to your uplines. They have been walking the path before you, and have ample experience in ways that work and those that don’t.

Listen up, bring your notebook, write down their secrets (which they won’t hesitate giving), and do as they say.

Aside from that, your sponsors can introduce you to more people, either in the company or from outside. Making new friends are never bad for your business.

And when you have downlines on your own, return the favor and be a great leader!

2. Grow your Young Living Business: Prospect!

Particularly at the beginning of your business, you should put your priority in prospecting.

Wherever you go, you should be ready to present and promote your Young Living starter kit. So prepare your elevator pitches that you test over time, and you will eventually come up with the fool-proof one.

You may think that family members and close friends would make the perfect recruits. This can be true – after all, they’re your biggest supporters!

However, you should not insists for them to listen to your presentation. Give them the chance to refuse.

This is for the sake of your relationships, and your business! Nobody likes pushy “salesmen”, and you don’t want to create a bad image to your Young Living business.

But they may know a friend of a friend who’s looking for a new business opportunity to whom you can pitch. Politely ask for the friend’s contact number and thank them for their undying support.

3. Find multiple ways to network

Speaking to your uplines and recruiting are fantastic for building a network. But as a business person, you should always look for more ways to network.

Believe it or not, there are many other ways to connect with people to promote your Young Living business.

You can look for networking events in your town or area for businesses working in the health, well-being, or beauty industry.

These are the categories that relate the most to Young Living business. But you can also join other types of networking events, for example, networking events for women or why not a makeup demo.

As long as you put your charming Young Living distributor hat on and present your business well, you’ll gain plenty of new business leads (and not to mention experience).

How about a business show or an expo? Check that out, too!

Usually, you need to pay a fee to participate. So do your projected ROI calculations beforehand to know if a particular show/expo is worth it.

Hosting a Young Living party is another great way to network and get more prospects.

The point is: try to get people to know you by using as many channels as possible.

4. Leverage the awesome power of the internet

If you haven’t created a website for your Young Living business, you’re probably missing out on many opportunities.

You don’t have to be a web development wizard to have a website! Our Start My Site tool is very affordable, responsive to use, and offers you a lot of advantages.

Your website is the “face” of your business; it represents you, your service, and the product you’re selling. It helps people find you!

You can start a blog on your website as a marketing tool for your business. Use your blog as a medium to talk about:

  • the benefits of the Young Living products
  • how to use them for maximum effects
  • how great it is to run a Young Living business

Another great digital marketing tool is the social media. 84% of marketers leverage social media as a tool for a reason: it works.

You use a few platforms every day, so might as well use them to make money. Create a simple social media marketing, test it over time and apply tweaks if necessary.

But whatever you do, here’s a very important code for social media marketers to live by: do not spam.

5. Polish your customer service skills

Even though your client base is not very wide for now, give the best service to each and every customer.

Your customers are the most valuable assets of your business, so cherish them and make them feel special.

First, a satisfied customer is more than likely to buy again from you. Customer loyalty is a value of the utmost importance for any business.

Second, they can give your business a positive word-of-mouth which will bring you more clients. You see, it’s free marketing, really.

And third, they can also be your potential prospects!

Just think about it. They love the Young Living products so they can be great advocates, they can give trusted reviews based on their experience, and they see how awesome the business is through you!

Of course, proceed with precaution if you want to prospect a client. Never force or insist, or you may offend them and lose them from your client base.

There you go; our tips on getting people to know, love, and talk about your business that you can try starting right now.

Building your Young Living business requires work, but all things worth having do.

If you have any question, we’re here to help you. You can also leave your inquiries in the comment section below.

Lastly, don’t be discouraged by rejections, and keep hustling on. Perseverance and hard work do pay off.

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