How to Develop Young Living Loyal Customers

loyal customers

Starting a business for the first time can be overwhelming. There’s a certain amount of anxiety and stress that comes with building something from the ground up.

But you did it!

You’re there! Congratulations! Your website is up and looking great. You’ve got a nice looking landing page. You’ve got your member number jammed into all of your links, ready to be copy and pasted wherever you’re able.

So now what?

Everything is set up to your liking, now all you’re going to need is customers. Is that enough?

Probably not.

You’re going to want some loyal customers. Folks who keep coming back to you time and time again for all of their essential oil needs. Statistically, these customers spend 67% more and have larger transactions than new customers.

Read on to find out how to keep your favorite buyers coming back for more.

Leverage Social Media for Loyal Customers

Marketing and Sales of Young Living products isn’t that different from other products. In fact, in some ways, it’s easier.

You aren’t responsible for product creation, labeling, or warehousing. Young living is already a name brand. They’re an essential oil authority.

The heavy lifting of starting a business is taken care of.

It’s up to you to get the word out with your links so that you can receive compensation for your hard work.

Utilizing Facebook, Pinterest, and other social sites can help bring in these potential loyal customers.

They already know and trust you as a human being, so the first step in selling is complete.

That’s not all. Use your social accounts to throw out invites to your parties. Hosting a party is not just a great way to sell a product, it’s a great way to meet potential recruits and begin new, lifelong friendships.


How does blogging create a group of loyal customers?

Blogging always has and likely always will be the best way to establish yourself as an authority is almost any niche.

While blogging can be used to help sell your essential oils, the main focus should be on helping people.

Through blog posts, you can educate the world on the potential uses of essential oils. Via the comment section, you can achieve an unparalleled amount of interaction with them.

For maximum traffic, comment and interact with other essential oil bloggers to provide yourself with a fantastic set of backlinks.

Think of this as an opportunity to be social, help people, and sell your oils all in one swoop.

Collect email addresses from the second that your blog is live and leverage this platform to let your customers know about great deals, offers, and upcoming parties being performed by your or your team.


They keyword phrase “young living starter kit” gets over 22,000 hits a month on Google. The premium kit sells for $160. Do the math.

Do you want to let a stranger earn this money or do you want to?

Hosting a young living party is a fantastic way to spread the word about the products you’re selling.

Making a party both informative and fun without being sales-y is the key. Keep the guest list to a healthy mix of real life friends and contacts as well as complete strangers.

Having friends and some family members at your party will help to convince people who don’t know you that you’re trustworthy. If you were a seedy salesman, your friends and family wouldn’t be around, would they?

Here are a few tips for hosting a great young living party:

  • Have a theme. Holidays are great for this. So is Mother’s Day. Whenever gift giving is involved, there’s going to be people looking to buy.
  • Know your dates. Loyal customers are going to be happiest when parties suit their schedule. Weekends are great. Sundays also work well. Have an area set up for a sporting event where husbands can watch the game. Keeping plenty of tailgate worthy drinks and snacks will have the men asking when the next essential oil party is going to be!
  • They’re called “Make and Take” parties for a reason. Make something! During Christmas time, anything that can be used as a stocking stuffer will sell like hotcakes. Include recipes with your information on them so that people know where to go when they’re ready for more.
  • Use your family. They live in your home for free (probably). Time to put them to work. Have stations set up with your “Make and Take” items professionally displayed. Keep these stations separate from the snack tables.

Build Your Team

You’re selling like a champ now. You’ve got a PV of at least 100 items every month. People are coming to you and asking questions.

They’re getting really interested.

You’re selling young living essential oils like a boss and you’ve got a great base of loyal customers. This is as good as it gets, right?

No. You’re selling like a boss. It’s time to be the boss.

To maximize what you can accomplish with selling these essential oils, you’re going to want to build your team.

So how do you go about that? 

Look for people like yourself, of course! People who love this product, have excellent networking skills and are hungry to earn.

The reason that you only want the best is you want six “legs”. Each leg represents someone who is under you. They’ll hopefully form six legs of their own and so on and so on.

You should be on the lookout for six people who you think can hustle just as hard as you are so that everyone benefits.

After a period of time, your legs will have legs, and they’ll have legs, and everyone is going to be looking at you, the leadership role who started it all for them.

Creating Facebook groups and utilizing Pinterest group boards is a great way to keep your entire team connected as well as helping you and your team network and meet new people.

This will increase the number of loyal customers you and your team have, continue to establish yourself and your team as authorities, and the entire team will come away with more money.

Let’s Help You Do It

This is no easy task. It requires a positive attitude and a willingness to work very hard. If you’re ready to work hard but still have a ton of questions, we can help with the answers. So contact us today to find out what we can do to help.

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