What Can Customized Graphics do for my Oil Site?

customized graphics

The essential oil industry is expected to be worth $11 billion by 2022. Is your essential oil business ready to serve the influx of prospects that are headed its way?

Creating a great online website for your oil business is a smart way to guarantee your place in the market. You want customers to be able to interact with your site in a way that allows for a seamless user experience.

Customized graphics improve your site and make it easy for your customers to find what they need. Below, we’re breaking down the benefits of customized graphics and how they can help you give your customers a great online experience.

1. With Customized Graphics, There’s No Need to Clutter Your Site with Text

When you’re designing a site to sell essential oils, you want to make sure your customers get all the information they need without overwhelming them with text. Internet users have short attention spans when it comes to reading a large amount of text on a web page.

Rather than relying on traditional content, consider including customized graphics on your site as a way of communicating with your visitors. Something that is more visual is likely to stand out to a web visitor more than text would. They’ll spend more time looking at the whole graphic, so they’ll get the full impact of what you’re trying to tell them.

Graphics will also make your site look more interesting, especially at first glance. Customers decide quickly whether or not they’re going to stay on a site or move on to a different one. Using graphics to grab their attention from the very beginning will make them want to continue exploring your site and all of its different pages.

2. Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Writing quality content is always going to be an important way to connect with your audience, but customized graphics are an even better way to get an emotional reaction from them.

From the way you use colors and lines to other visual elements, graphics have a way of making people feel things. When they’re shopping on your oil site, you’ll want them to feel excited by the products and confident in the purchases that they’re making. The graphics you choose to include can make that happen.

Even if you’re not the strongest writer or if you don’t want to include that much text on your site, you can still rely on graphics to give your customers an excellent user experience.

3. Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Customized graphics can also be used as part of a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to increase your site’s search engine rankings. In order to do this, you want to make sure that images are scaled correctly, that you include keywords in the image captions, and that the images also include descriptive alt text.

When you’re using images, you also want to make sure that your site is optimized for mobile. So many people access websites and shop on their phones, so it’s important that your website looks just as good on mobile as it does on a laptop.

4. Optimize Your Site for Sharing on Social Media Pages

Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook put a high priority on visual and graphic elements. Posts with graphics are likely to generate more traffic and engagement than posts with text alone.

When you create customized graphics for your site, you’ll also be setting yourself up for creating a strong presence on social media. You’ll be able to share the images directly to your social media page.

Having consistency between your website and your social media pages gives your customers several opportunities to engage with your brand. They may see an image that you’ve posted on social media that will remind them to visit your site to make a purchase or gain more information.

Creating a customized graphic is an investment of time and resources, so you want to make sure that any given graphic has the biggest impact possible. Including graphics on your website that you can also share on social media will ensure that your graphic, and your site, is seen by as many people as possible.

5. Set Your Site Apart and Create Customer Loyalty

The point of customized graphics is to set your oil site apart and make it stand out from the competition. Think carefully about your site’s identity and the personality you want your customers to see and to associate with you.

You want your graphics to be instantly recognizable so that they can immediately be associated with your site. You want them to very clearly be yours so that no matter page of your site a customer navigates to, they’ll never be able to forget whose site they’re on.

This will help create customer loyalty with your brand and your website. Customers will come to know your graphics and enjoy how easy they make the shopping experience. They’ll trust in the user experience that you’ve created and they’ll be inclined to visit your site for all of their essential oil needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Customized graphics can do so much for your website, but if you’ve never created them before you might think that the process is difficult or only for experienced graphic designers. That’s not true.

Choosing graphics to upload to your site is easy, and with our guide, you’ll have graphics ready for your site and your social media pages in no time.

If you’re ready to improve your oil site with unique graphics, we encourage you to read more about our options for starting your site and growing your business. If you have any questions about starting your site and including the right graphics, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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