6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Find Young Living Leads

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If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last fifteen years, you have likely heard about this little thing called “social media.”


Okay, well maybe it’s not so “little” anymore.


As of 2016, over 78% of the US population uses social media. This means that you could be using your platforms to reach a huge audience as they scroll through their phones multiple times a day.


As part of the Young Living community, you understand the value that working through the internet can have. After all, you’re helping people change their lives through the use of essential oils.


So how can you use social media to find new leads to bring to your Young Living website?


MyOilSite is here to provide you with all the help and support you need to make your business with Young Living successful.


We write on plenty of topics, from our Top 10 Secrets to Essential Oil Success to Web Design.


But marketing is such a huge part of any online business that we’ve put together a blueprint of ways you can use social media to convert those business opportunity leads into sales!



Why social media is king


Since 78% of the population is on social media, it’s not hard to believe that these websites are key to many people’s social lives and interests.


It can be a form of mindless entertainment sometimes, but it usually keeps us up to date with friends and our favorite companies.


Some companies have found ways to use social media to their advantage by creating their own type of presence and personality across their platforms.


Big chains like Taco Bell have curated a following that is involved in their social media by posting consistently and keeping things fun. As a small business owner, you should be taking note!


Using social media can do a few great things for your company:

Increase your visibility

When you use social media marketing, you’re able to reach your followers throughout the day as they refresh their feed.


If you’re posting stuff they like, their likes and clicks will propel you further up and keep your updates in their feed.


92% of social media curators say using social media has driven their business up. Why? Because they’re reaching a much wider audience!


And it doesn’t need to be a massive effort. Just six hours a week of social media work increased business, according to 95% of marketers.

Create higher conversion rates

This one is important! You want to be using social media marketing to target your business opportunity leads because it simply works better.


Social media converts more leads than outbound marketing methods.


It’s just more relevant to the lives of buyers and Facebook brought in over 4 billion in advertising revenue in 2015!

Increases your traffic

When you market traditionally or through SEO, the only people who will find themselves on your website are those who already know your company or who are searching for your keywords.


If you’ve got all your ducks in a row, this should be working pretty well. But who is going to turn down more leads from other places?


Don’t limit yourself. Use social media to help you reach those leads who aren’t using your keywords or who don’t know you yet.


Create content that other people will like and share, and you’ll find more people coming to your site as new leads.

It’s free

This one is a no-brainer. Social media is a free service that anyone can use, including businesses.


Instead of investing in other methods that are less successful, try free platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to interact with your audience.




Use your social media to market for business opportunity leads


So what do you need to do with your social media accounts to grab those leads and convert them?


Here are our top 6 tips you need to be using to bring your business with Young Living to the next level of success.

Personal messages

No one likes receiving messages that sound like they’ve been sent to a huge list of people. Sure, most of the time it has been sent to a lot of people, but it’s still nice to feel like an individual.


If you are going to send messages out to your clients, please make sure they’re personal! Use their name and sign it off with your name rather than your business name.

Update your photos

Building a personality on social media means that you’ll want to keep updating what you have on these accounts!


A regular person on social media updates their profile photo frequently and gains new likes. Your business should be doing the same.

Feature customers

One great way to involve your customers and up your social media contact with people is to feature your clients.


Host a contest where people are holding your products and then feature them on your page. Whether you chose to make them your profile photo for a week or make an excited post on your wall, it can make a huge difference.

Follow them back

If someone follows you on one of your social media accounts, make sure to follow them back.


This will help you understand your following better so that you can change your content accordingly.


Following them back also adds that great personal touch that can differentiate your company friend others.

Time your posts

Remember when we said a lot of marketers don’t spend more than 6 hours on social media? You can make this happen for yourself by timing your posts.


There are plenty of apps you can use to post content at certain times as long as you’ve created the messages. If you have a free afternoon, use it to your advantage and create content for the next week or two. Then schedule it!


Suddenly, you’ve taken care of part of your social media responsibility and freed up time elsewhere!

Hashtag it

People use the word “hashtag” in regular conversation now, so you best believe that you should be using it with your business.


Create fun hashtags that are relevant to your business and use it. It’s a promotional tool and a way for your leads to find you and reach out.


When you own your own business, these little touches can help you find, reach out to, and convert those new business opportunity leads to make a difference in the success of your company!

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