The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Young Living Business

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We’ve all been through it– the struggle of dealing with a bad boss, unstable job, or not being able to find work.   When people are done dealing with that struggle, they often look at owning their own business as an alternative.   And, let us tell you, being your own business owner can be a great thing.   With … Read More

Sell Young Living: The Secret Closing Technique To Sell More

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You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided to sell Young Living products. You have set up your website, you have developed your marketing plan, and you’re finally ready to get started!   But there’s one problem…   You don’t know how to sell. You might even be afraid of selling. You’re not alone. Many of our members don’t come from a sales … Read More

6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Find Young Living Leads

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If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last fifteen years, you have likely heard about this little thing called “social media.”   Okay, well maybe it’s not so “little” anymore.   As of 2016, over 78% of the US population uses social media. This means that you could be using your platforms to reach a huge audience … Read More

Is Your Young Living Website Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes?

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You’re invested in living well and helping other people improve their health.   That’s why you began working with Young Living and bringing the benefits of essential oils to other people.   But, what happens if your website isn’t doing as well as you think? Or, if you want to take your business and website to the next level of … Read More

Benefits of a Personal Website for Young Living Members

Young Living membership brings along numerous benefits. Commissions, reward points, silver six program, diamond program – all these are rewards of being a Young Living member. However, these rewards can only be obtained when you sign up as a member, attract more people and sponsor their sign ups. And this can only be done when you share your essential oil … Read More

How To Make The Best Of Being A Young Living Distributor

Essential oil is a growing business. Taking natural living experience to the next level, it is just the business that you would want to get into. These oils are extracted from flowers, trees, shrubs, bushes, roots and seeds. Used for overall wellness and various other benefits, essential oils are increasingly becoming natural alternatives for beauty, health and cooking purposes. Today, … Read More

Building a Website: Take your Essential Oil Business to the Next Level

Being in the essential oil business has certainly served you with huge benefits. You get to be part of a thriving business that, over time, could allow you to reap a six digit income. Now, imagine what you could do if you had your very own essential oils’ website that could promote your Young Living business? How beneficial can it … Read More

All that you need to Know about Young Living Membership

Essential oils are a lot more than refreshing scents. They are powerful plant extracts that promote lifelong wellness. Young Living, being the leader in the essential oil business, formulates effective wellness based solutions that help you energize your body, get rid of negativity and stress in your life, and reclaim your natural radiance. Young Living essential oils offer home, beauty, … Read More

7 Unique Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Young Living Business

Let’s face it: as a Young Living business, you don’t exactly have access to large amounts of funds which could bankroll a nationwide marketing campaign that will give your essential oils business that boost. However, that isn’t to say that you cannot do anything at all.

5 Marketing Factors That Can Make or Break Your Young Living Team Brand

Your marketing campaign can make or break your Young Living business. Sometimes you have the right tactic in mind, but it just doesn’t play out the way you expected; or perhaps you had it wrong in the first place! So, in the myriad of marketing tactics and promotional plans, which ones should you focus on?

The Minimalistic Approach– A New Trend To Web Design?

In a world where the Internet is flooded with numerous design features and elements, it’s easy for your Young Living website to get lost in the anonymity. Being different is the only way you can truly stand out and make an impact. And thus, evolves the minimalistic design – the revolutionary website with the “less is more” approach. Loud and … Read More

Looking To Become Young Living Member? You Don’t Have To Be An Essential Oils Pro

Thinking of becoming a Young Living essential oil member, but know nothing about the amazing benefits and usages of these essential oils? Can you, after all, embrace this amazing business opportunity? Here’s a fact: despite common judgment, one need not be an essential oils pro in order to truly be part of the Young Living community.

4 Ways to Make Your Young Living Website Stand Out from the Crowd

According to a publication by Daily Mail, there are now over one billion websites on the World Wide Web, with a new website being registered every second. The Internet Live Stats record provides a real time count of every website, blog and tweet that appears online.

The 5 Success Strategies Every Young Living Distributor Must Know

As a recent Young Living essential oils distributor, have you found yourself struggling with sales? You’ve heard numerous success stories of members and you expected similar results. Is there something they’re doing differently? Should you change your approach? And more importantly, how can you get through?

How To Keep Your Young Living Business Thriving Through the Summers

It’s that time of the year when the warm summer breeze calls for days spent on the beach, vacations and activities with the family. In the midst of all the fun, enjoyment and excitement, it’s easy to put your Young Living growth on hold; after all, you deserve a vacation, right? However, as members and distributors, this leads to numerous … Read More

What Does It Take To Become A Successful Young Living Oils Distributor

Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it! –  Marva Collins As a Young Living member, you have the opportunity to take a step closer to success every day. But that’s easier said than done. To succeed, you must find that inner motivation, that drive that empowers you to focus every day; and that passion that fuels faith in … Read More

The Secrets behind Young Living Entrepreneurial Success

According to a study conducted by Bloomberg, about 80% of entrepreneurial businesses fail within the first 18 months of their launch. Beginning your very own business can be daunting, but if you have the passion, commitment, ambition and drive to make it happen, nothing can stand in the way.

Master the Art of Marketing Your Young Living Business

Young Living business has been thriving for years now. Over time, the business has evolved from an idea to a full-fledged culture supported by a close net community that is committed to make it successful. If you’re new to the Young Living business, you’re going to need to blaze the trail to success. The good thing is, that it is … Read More

How A Young Living Distributor Website Can Boost Your Business

  As of 2014, the United States has an internet penetration of 86.75% – a 7% growth since the previous year. Based on historical data, it has been forecasted that the exposure will only increase over the years. The world is going online. Are you?

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Young Living Business

More and more distributors are discovering the unique benefits of being a Young Living member. Stay at home, and launch a profitable business that is relatively easier to manage. But how do you strengthen, build and grow your business? What is the secret to get your Young Loving business the exposure that it needs to translate into some attractive profits?

How to Tell your Story the Right Way

Starting your own essential oils website is easy enough with the help of our platform. You can create your own Young Living Essential Oils website in just a few minutes, using our site. Creating social media accounts is just as easy, but the difficult part comes in when you have to use these different avenues to market your business effectively. … Read More

Is Social Media really better than a Website?

There are many businesses around the world today that are forgoing creating a website to build their online presence. Instead, business owners are creating profiles on social media platforms and maintaining their online presence with these social media accounts.  

5 Notable Uses of Essential Oils

One of the most important things in any type of distribution business is to learn everything you can about the products you are selling. This means that if you are a Young Living essential oils distributor, you need to know how and for what purpose people use essential oils.

Can the Essential Oils Business be Profitable?

When venturing into a new business, there is always an air of uncertainty about whether you will be able to achieve success in the industry that you have chosen. We perform researches and formulate development plans, so that our fears don’t come true. But trying to get a business off the ground takes more than just research and planning. It … Read More

Social Media and a Website; a Killer Marketing Strategy

We alluded to this topic in a previous post, about how many organizations, companies and new businesses today, are deciding not to create websites as means to building an online presence. They are instead choosing to create social media pages and accounts instead, because they think that social media is the more effective and affordable option.

Young Living: The Best Essential Oils Manufacturer?

What makes Young Living, or any other essential oils company for that matter, the best in the business? There are some parameters that you can use to gauge the quality of the products that a company produces. If possible, you can also research their manufacturing methods; for example, how they grow the herbs and plants and how they distill the … Read More

Advantages of Creating a Site on My Oil Site

Today, we are going to discuss a very important topic here; the value that our site, My Oil Site, can deliver to Young Living independent distributors. Before we move forward, you should click here and check out the demo of what your Young Living distributor website can look like. The demo site should have you convinced about setting up your … Read More

Setting up your Site on My Oil Site is Very Easy!

By sharing your story about Young Living essential oils, you could teach many other people about the benefits of essential oils. But what is the best way to do that? Our online platform, My Oil Site, has the answer.