Benefits Of Young Living Membership And Which One is Right For You

young living membership

Market researchers are saying the essential oil market will rise up to $11 billion by 2020. So, it’s no wonder we’re hearing about more people who are selling them.

But have you ever considered that you too could make money by selling essential oils?

And did you know that you can get exclusive access to one of the finest lines of essential oils by doing so?

Young Living is a world-renowned essential oils company. And they offer different opportunities for every type of member.

With a Young Living membership, you’ll not only experience essential oils. Discover what else is in store for you!

Improve Your Quality of Life as a Retail Customer

Essential oils serve all types of purposes.

People use them in everything from recipes to cleaning products.

Young Living customers can choose from dozens of different essential oils. Their choices include (but aren’t limited to) classics like:

  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense
  • Tea Tree

Blends, Massage Oils, & More

Young Living also features essential oil blends. They’re used for everything from relaxation and stress-relief to motivation and transformation.

There are also tons of dietary essential oils packed with nutritious value. Young Living also sells convenient roll-on bottles, massage oils, diffusers, and much more.

Young Living retail customers can get all of this just by buying online. They pay the full retail price and enjoy some of the market’s finest essential oils. No membership necessary!

Save 24% Off Your Favorite Essential Oils as a Young Living Member

Anyone can enjoy Young Living essential oils as retail buyers. But there’s much more in store when you get a Young Living membership.

Members not only get the 411 on the latest releases and newest essential oils. They can also save 24% off the whole retail prices of their favorite essential oils!

With the discount, you can save more money and try more essential oils. All you have to do to take advantage of these great discounts is sign up and buy the Young Living enrollment kit.

Make Money Through Commissions as a Young Living Distributor

The 24% discount isn’t the only thing you get to look forward to when you sign up for the Young Living membership.

As a member, you also become a distributor. And you earn commission with every sale you make.

Every time a client orders, you earn back 24%. Your commission pay is also determined by how much you sell in Personal Volume (PV).

Eventually, you’re likely to enroll and sponsor new distributors. During their first 3 months, you earn 25% in commission on their orders. After the 3 months, you earn 8% commission on their orders.

Enjoy Essential Rewards, Bonuses, & More

When you sign up for a Young Living Membership, you’re guaranteed commission on every sale you make. But there’s a lot more in store for you.

Earn Money Back

In the first 3 months, you’ll earn back 10% of your orders. Then, you’ll earn 20% after the 4th month through the 24th month of your membership.

After 2 years as a Young Living member, you’ll earn back 25% on your orders.

Discounted Shipping

As a member, you’ll get discounted shipping rates. So, you can get your favorite essential oils delivered right to your door for a lower price.

Rewards Points

Every time you make an order, you earn Rewards Points. The higher the order, the more points you receive.

In the end, you can redeem your Rewards Points for free Young Living products.


You qualify for exclusive bonuses and commissions for every PV order over 100. That means you can earn more every time you order a volume of 100 or more in products.

Young Living rewards its up-and-coming distributors. Members who sell over 100 PV consecutively can receive additional cash through the Rising Star Team Bonus.

Loyalty Gifts

You can win free and exclusive gifts the more you sell. For every consecutive PV order of 50 or more, a distributor wins a free bottle of an exclusive essential oil.

If your PV order exceeds 50 for 3 consecutive months, you win a Peppermint Vitality™ essential oil. There are special prizes for those who sell high for 6, 9, and 12 months.

In fact, members who sell big for 12 consecutive months can win a Loyalty essential oil. Loyalty is specially formulated by founder D. Gary Young and is made exclusively for the company’s top sellers.

Work from Home & Do Something You Love

There’s nothing better than being able to earn more money from home. And there’s also nothing better than getting to make your own hours and sell something you love.

But we live in a world with little flexibility to branch out and try new professional endeavors. Doing so often requires financial risk and personal sacrifices.

But with a Young Living membership, you’re guaranteed to sell.

Young Living produces the industry’s best and most popular essential oils. With customers all over the world, there’s no doubt that Young Living is a leader in essential oils.

You’ll practice how to sell Young Living on social media, through a website, and in person!

Create Memories & Lasting Friendships Along the Way

Having a Young Living membership isn’t just an opportunity into the world of sales. It’s also a great way to socialize and meet new people.

When you become a Young Living distributor, you can instantly connect with other clients and distributors.

You’ll not only get in on the latest Young Living news and releases when you talk to other distributors. You’ll also learn how to sell better and improve your sales skills.

Meet New People & Host Essential Oil Events

A lot of distributors think they’ll only sell to their close friends and families. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because once word is out on your Young Living membership, everyone will be coming to you for their essential oils needs.

You’ll constantly be in touch with clients on social media, at work, and at your kids’ soccer parties!

Plus, you can throw the best product parties that your Young Living clients will RSVP to every time.

Is a Young Living Membership Right for You?

Do you love using essential oils in your daily life?

Are you ready to make money from home by selling something you love?

If so, then it’s time to get in on one of the world’s fastest growing industries!

My Oil Site is here to help you kick-start your newfound path as an essential oils distributor the right way. Contact us today!

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