All that you need to Know about Young Living Membership

Essential oils are a lot more than refreshing scents. They are powerful plant extracts that promote lifelong wellness. Young Living, being the leader in the essential oil business, formulates effective wellness based solutions that help you energize your body, get rid of negativity and stress in your life, and reclaim your natural radiance. Young Living essential oils offer home, beauty, balance and overall wellness categories. They present you with a chance to become its member. Here are some of the exciting benefits offered by the membership:

Reduced Rates

You can benefit by receiving products at a 25% less rate. Whenever customers buy essential oils from you, this 25% is your profit to keep. Additionally when the members sign up through you or via your website, you are entitled for additional commissions and bonuses. Even when they sell a product, you receive a 5% commission on it.

Discounted Shipping

Get rid of the hassle of mentioning all products again and again when placing an order. Mention all details once and just sit back and relax! Your orders will be shipped to your doorstep month after month. Furthermore, as a Young Living member, if you have accumulated reward points, you can use them for reduced shipping charges. Members have to pay $6.98 for all orders weighing 5 pounds; an additional $0.63 per additional pound. This too can be substantially reduced using your reward points.

Diamond Program

Young Living’s diamond program is an encouragement for members who have achieved success rapidly. With every member enjoying membership benefits, diamond programs offer additional benefits for all those who qualify. For honoring member’s accomplishments and leadership, Young Living offers three categories under this program, Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond.

Opportunity Products

As a Young Living member, you will receive support from the community whenever you need it. Along with your sponsor, the Young Living team is there to assist you in every step you take throughout your business. As a member, you can make use of Young Living’s starter kits, essential reward kits, get your hands on business aids and tools and enjoy Young Living merchandise.

Your Own Website

Sharing your experience has never been this fun and easy! Young Living Membership provides you with an opportunity to build your own website with us, My Oil Site. We offer numerous designs with different color schemes and patterns to promote your business and help you reach new heights!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get your website designed without any hassle. We also offer website demos to help you choose the website design and layout according to your needs!

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