Our Team

Ryan Bradley, Founder/CEO

Ryan is a technology infrastructure Guru! He is responsible for technology integration and corporate infrastructure, and is the IT Director & Lead Programmer for MyOilMarketing. Ryan is responsible for all corporate operations and executive leadership.

Devin Johnson, Co-Founder

Devin is a technology & marketing industry expert with a long track record of delivering game-changing technology platforms for clients in 150+ countries.

Michael Durham, Co-Founder

Michael is the visionary, graphic designer and web designer with a specialty in essential oils. Michael is responsible for shareable graphics and professionally created blogs for MyOilMarketing customers.

We believe our customers.

MyOilMarketing delivers complex marketing tools and techniques SIMPLY, to customers across the entire essential oil & health/wellness industry. Providing tools that are modular and pluggable for multiple technology frameworks is critical to achieving our vision.
1. Customer satisfaction comes before corporate revenues.
2. Customer feedback defines our corporate focus & action.
3. Highly efficient executers of strategic goals driving by customer demands.
4. Industry experts at delivering our services, while continually innovating it.
5. Continually willing to listen.
1. To simplify the enrollment of new distributors for our customers.
2. To simplify the education of essential oils for our customers.
3. To automate content & technology marketing systems.
4. To deliver industry best marketing technologies.
5. To say no to good ideas, and focus ONLY on great ideas for our customers.
We provide a holistic marketing approach, allowing you to create, illustrate, and communicate with your audience with maximum efficiency. MyOilMarketing is committed to delivering industry leading products to automate the website & content creation, combined with branded graphics, and automated customer communication strategies.