7 Unique Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Young Living Business

Let’s face it: as a Young Living business, you don’t exactly have access to large amounts of funds which could bankroll a nationwide marketing campaign that will give your essential oils business that boost. However, that isn’t to say that you cannot do anything at all.

There are several unique and creative ways that you can get your Young Living distribution business noticed by just the right people! Here are some of the best Young Living marketing tactics that won’t add a blow to your budget:

1.      Build Your Brand’s Website

Simply put, a website adds credibility to your business. Any and every business that means something understands the potential of having an online presence. And you shouldn’t be any different. Gone are the days when you had little choice than to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring someone to develop your website and then pay additional bucks for web hosting service. Now, you can have your website designed and launched in a matter of minutes – for free!

2.      Get Chatty On Social Media

Man is a social animal; and this fact has never been truer! With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you need to understand that there is a wide target audience out there that is just waiting to be tapped – and the best part is, that they’re more accessible than they’ve ever been! Create business accounts on these pages, and begin informing people about essential oils, engage with them, connect!

3.      Don’t Just Automate – Engage!

Let’s be clear about one thing. When you’re developing that online brand, coming across as too salesy or pushy could be doing more damage than good to your brand. This is the age of consumerism. Your target audience has grown wary of those over the top advertising campaigns that offer them “everything they’ve ever dreamed of”. If you’re focused on just increasing the number of likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter, you’re doing it all wrong. Simply automating is not the key. You need to quit doing that and focus, instead, on engaging people genuinely.

4.      Publish Great, Relative Content

Never underestimate – and we cannot emphasize this enough – the power of great content. Keyword searches are the best way to understand what people are looking for. Once you’re aware of the trends, you get to alter your content marketing strategy to publish stuff that people are actually interested in – ultimately increasing traffic and trustworthiness.

5.      Online Contests

Nobody can resist a chance to get their hands on some free Young Living essential oils. You might have to set aside a small stock to give away for free, but the attention, lead and potential customers you gain access to will be well worth the price.

6.      Awesome, Professionally Designed Business Cards

Having a business card can sure make an impact – provided it is professionally designed. It communicates that you’re a reliable business – something that could do wonders to develop trust. Design professional Young Living business cards, and hand them over at events and gatherings.

7.      Host A Small Event With Friends & Acquaintances

When it comes to promoting your business, a little networking can come a long way. It not only puts your essential oil business in focus, but also positions you as a charming host, enhancing your appeal. This event could be a great step in, one, introducing the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils; and two, letting people know that you are the go-to person for these fantastic products.

The best marketing strategies to make your Young Living business grow don’t quite have to be expensive; it just have to be creatively affordable! And the above tips offer you just that! For more on Young Living business tools, feel free to explore our website. We’re committed to help you prosper!

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