5 Ways You Can Use The Essential Oils From The Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit

If you are a Young Living essential oil member, then you’re aware of the amazing Starter Kits from one of the biggest and most leading essential oils company. These kits are designed as the perfect way to introduce someone to the Young Living opportunity and a lifestyle that embraces 100 percent natural essential oils.

As you become a member, you must purchase one of these starter kits. Wondering about their story and usages? Take a look at 5 ways that you can use these Young Living essential oils from the kit:


1.     Lavender

Lavender is perhaps one of the most popular essential oils – even amongst those who aren’t much of an enthusiast. The subtle and flowery scent is so powerful that it is the first choice for relaxation application, including scented candles, scents, bath salts and much more. It is used for healthy skin as well.

Add some 25-35 drops of lavender in 1 oz salve jar of coconut oil and apply on your skin, or around your eyes for healthy skin. If you get some in your eyes, wash it out with carrier oil, and not water! Another research indicated that lavender is an amazing stress reliever.


2.     DiGize

This is a beautiful blend of ginger, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, anise, fennel, juniper essential oils and much more. In addition to these, it also includes natural occurring ingredients like menthol, citrol and zingiberen. This essential oil blend is renowned for its ability to maintain digestive health, and is usually taken along with meals.


3.     Lemon

As a cleaning and refreshing agent, lemon is referred to as the powerhouse essential oil. A few drops of lemon are ideal for DIY dish washing of stubborn and greasy stains, cabinet cleaning, and for the removal of chewing gum and other adhesives. It has also been used in combination of others to make an effective wood polishing agent.


4.     Thieves

Thieves is one of gentlest cleaners. Most hand washes and soaps tend to over dry your skin, resulting in cracks. Thieves is a healthy alternative, with gentle properties, making it ideal for children as well. It is used as a DIY hand cleaning agents, cleansing spray and more.


5.     Stress Away

This essential oil isn’t part your conventional Young Living Kit, and is only found as a bonus in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. As the name suggests, Stress Away is an effective stress buster. Available with a roller filament, you can change your bottle to make this essential oil much more accessible to you. The light, refreshing scent can be used on your wrist, behind your ears and on your palm for a constant stress relieving reminder. It’s aromatherapy at your command!

Are you ready to become a member and purchase your very own Starter Kit? What are you waiting for? Get your essential oils kit now, and experience the amazing benefits of essential oils, first hand!

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