5 Notable Uses of Essential Oils

One of the most important things in any type of distribution business is to learn everything you can about the products you are selling. This means that if you are a Young Living essential oils distributor, you need to know how and for what purpose people use essential oils.

Aside from helping essential oil distributors create a unique website for their business, we also offer advice and information to them through our blog. Check out the 5 most prominent uses of essential oils, below.


Consumption for Healthy Living

Many different types of essential oils are consumed daily by people around the world for the many health benefits the oils offer. Essential oils can be beneficial for your skin, heart, brain, and every other organ inside your body. They can help bolster your immune system and help you fight off numerous infections.


Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy utilizes many different essential oils for the mood enhancing and other health properties that they have. Scents of various essential oils can help you relax, ease headaches, improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and of course, the smell itself is divine. Many people who do not prefer ‘commercial’ perfumes utilize use essential oils as a healthy alternative.



Essential oils like lavender and lemon are often utilized at home to aid in different types of housework. Adding a few drops of lavender oil in your load of laundry will have them smelling delightful. Lemon’s antibacterial properties are commonly known; if you do not like chemical based cleaning products, then add some drops of lemon oil in water and make your own natural cleaning agent.


Nature’s Medicine

Essential oils are used in the treatment of numerous medical conditions. Some people who have sworn off pharmaceutical medicine, exclusively use essential oils to treat their illnesses. (If you have a serious medical condition, then you should consult your doctor before you use any essential oils.)


First Aid

You can add immortelle essential oil, and some others, to your first aid box. It helps staunch bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes and has properties that help reduce pain. And the anti-bacterial properties of other essential oils can also be useful in similar situations.


Now you know how much essential oils are used around the world. Still think that your essential oils distribution business won’t be profitable? All you have to do is to get the word out about your business- a personal website can help you do just that.

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