5 Marketing Factors That Can Make or Break Your Young Living Team Brand

Your marketing campaign can make or break your Young Living business. Sometimes you have the right tactic in mind, but it just doesn’t play out the way you expected; or perhaps you had it wrong in the first place! So, in the myriad of marketing tactics and promotional plans, which ones should you focus on?

Here are five marketing factors we think are essential for any brand – and how you can MAKE your personal Young Living brand by getting these right:

1.      The RTB Factor: Authenticity

In marketing, there’s this one factor that is used to help establish brands: it’s RTB: reason to believe. This is the reason why your audience and potential customers should believe in your product in the first place. You have the right product in hand: the Young Living essential oils. But, as a member, your ‘reason to believe’ is your ability to build a rapport with them and win their trust. Have you done that? Do you genuinely care?

2.      The Quid Pro Quo Status

Most often, we fail to forget that most people, despite being good, operate on a quid pro quo basis. It’s simple consumer psyche. If you want to get their attention for your website, what are you giving them in return? Are you making it worth their while? A marketing campaign without any benefits for the customer is never really going to hit it off with them. Motivate them to notice you. Offer them some incentive – perhaps a freebie? Free sample? Special discount or voucher on the new essential oils?

3.      Honesty

Some of the most successful Young Living members who are drawing a steady six-figure income today know the significance of being truthful to customers. Lie to one of them, and you’re paving the way for your business to die even before you take off! Don’t mislead your customers into thinking the essential oils do more than they can.

4.      Online Presence: How Are You Represented?

One of the most common mistakes that Young Living members make is not establishing a professional and consistent online front. Your customers are all over the Internet; from social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure your website is designed professionally. This is a factor that – if managed appropriately – will establish credibility. If not, it could very well portray you as unprofessional.

5.      Word of Mouth

What people say about you matters more than you think or care to admit. Do good with one customer, and you’re building the ground-work for the rest of them. Word of mouth is quite a powerful strategy, that when coupled with online marketing, can be the most lethal arsenal in your marketing playbook.

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