Our 5 Favorite Young Living Oils

young living oils

If you haven’t dabbled in Young Living oils, you are missing out!

Young Living oils change the smell and atmosphere of your surroundings by infusing aromatic scents into the air.

Whether you diffuse them, massage them, roll them on, or use them in your cleaning products – they’re a great way to invigorate your senses.

There is an overwhelming amount of oils you can choose from. You can use them as a single oil, or try one of the many blends in the collection.

So, where should you start?

While they’re all fantastic oils, we’ve given you the breakdown of our five favorite Young Living oils and their many benefits and uses.


Young Living Oils: Five of Our Favorites

1. Vetiver – We love this essential oil because it has a woodsy, musky smell. Vetiver is a plant that grows in tropical areas.

This scent will have you thinking tropical!

Aside from the great scent, this Young Living oil has added benefits:

  • This oil is known to be a calming scent. So if you’re having a stressful day, using this oil will help alleviate a stressed mind and calm you down a bit.
  • Vetiver is also a great moisturizer. Rub a few drops on your skin to gain this benefit.

2. Lavender – One of the most popular Young Living essential oils, this can be an everyday staple in your growing collection. As you well know, lavender has a sweet, flowery smell that nearly everyone can enjoy.

Lavender has been known in the past to be added to soaps, candles, and lotions.

Users of lavender have used it for far more than just a great smelling room scent or lotion.

You can use lavender for a calming bath by adding a few drops along with Epsom salt into your bath.

Lavender can also be used to rub on your hands and feet to give you a relaxing scent to start or end your day.

Its many benefits include:

  • A calming scent that is great for bedtime.
  • Lavender smells so wonderful, you could even use it as a deodorant or perfume.

3. Thieves – If you’re looking for an essential oil with a spicy smell, Thieves is the Young Living oil for you. This oil is a winning combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

Thieves is different from other essential oils on our list because it is a mix of spicy and earthy. This scent is hot and refreshing!

Some users of Thieves have used this essential oil for ways other than just diffusing. You can try Thieves for a foot massage, or try dropping a few drops into your laundry for a clean scent.

You can use thieves oil for:

  • Combatting household germs
  • A general household cleaner
  • Great smelling laundry

4. Purification – This Young Living oil is another blend of oils. Dropping a few drops in your diffuser will eliminate any bad odors that may be lingering in your home. This is a safer option than using harmful chemicals combat bad odor.

As you can imagine, this scent is fresh and clean, and a scent that can be liked by anyone.

This blend is a combination of citronella, lavandin, lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle, and tea tree.

Citronella is commonly known as an insect deterrent. Lavandin oil, a cousin of lavender, is a cleansing oil that has a calming effect.

To get the most out of this great smelling scent, you can place a few drops on cotton balls and place in odor prone places of your house.

Some ideas include your car or your mud room. However, do be careful to keep these out of children’s reach.

Some users of purification oil also mix water with a few drops of the oil in spray bottles to create your own freshening spray. This way, you can take the spray on the go.

This blend gives an aromatic scent that can even be called a tropical scent.

Its uses include:

  • Air freshener
  • Insect repellent
  • Sneaker freshener

5. Joy – Young Living oil makes sales by creating a positive environment for its customers. This essential oil is an example of this.

If its name didn’t give it away, this essential oil gives a peaceful environment to your space.

Some of its ingredients include Jasmine oil, rose flower oil, lemon peel oil, ylang-ylang oil, geranium oil that give off an aromatic scent.

Jasmine oil can give an uplifting smell once diffused. Rose flower oil produces an intoxicating aroma that gives a romantic feel to your environment.

Ylang ylang essential oil comes from the steam of the tree’s flowers. It is used in many beauty products.

Geranium oil can also be used to provide a relaxing feel to your home.

This Young Living oil has an alluring smell that many will confuse as an expensive perfume. You’ll have people wondering where you bought it!

Joy is an oil blend that can be used as:

  • A perfume or deodorant
  • A room freshener
  • Aftershave


Young Living oils can be used many different ways to help enhance your life.

There are hundreds of oils and oil blends that you can choose from within the Young Living oils collection

Whether you’re an oil user or a Young Living member, it may be difficult to choose the very best scent (or scents!) for you.

Now that you’re aware of some of our favorite scents, you can give them a try yourself. Trust us, these scent descriptions don’t do these essential oils justice!

Once you’ve decided on a few scents, you can find your own favorite Young Living oils.

What are some of your favorite Young Living oils? How do you prefer to use your oils? Let us know in the comments!

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