4 Ways to Make Your Young Living Website Stand Out from the Crowd

According to a publication by Daily Mail, there are now over one billion websites on the World Wide Web, with a new website being registered every second. The Internet Live Stats record provides a real time count of every website, blog and tweet that appears online.

In this enormous anonymity and complex intricacies of the internet, how do you get your website to stand out from that of your competitors? How do you get your customers to stick around? And most importantly, how do you transform your visitors into customers? My Oil Site, with its simple and customizable web design tools, provides Young Living oil members with the chance to stand out and get noticed. Take a look at 4 ways that you can accomplish that:


1.     Keep The Audience In Mind

There are too many websites out there. And unfortunately, only a few are audience centric. It is important that you develop it keeping in mind the kind of audience that you are catering to. Essential oils are something not everyone is passionate about – yet it has a natural appeal and sophisticated air about it; something that you may have noticed that people between the ages of 22 onwards share. Your audience consists primarily of young and middle-aged, and may mostly categorize women shoppers – but let’s limit it to that gender. To make sure that you develop for the vast audience, go for something simpler that you can’t go wrong with.


2.     Reduce the Clutter – Less Is More!

Complicated design structures and too much information is your website’s worst nemesis. The busier your website, the more unappealing and unattractive it looks. And believe us, in this instance, looks matter! So remove all clutter. Decide what information you want to add. Ask yourself: will this information add value to my website, my business? Viewers like clean and organized websites – less is most certainly more!


3.     Tell Your Story!

No, your website isn’t a laundry list of your essential oils. Forego the hard sell method here. You want your customers to buy from you? Connect with them. Show them that you care about your business. Tell them your story. The Young Living business isn’t just about selling essential oil blends. It’s an inspiring story about a man who changed his life in the effort for a “natural solution”. Make sure to communicate your story, values and vision, and your customers will believe in you and your essential oils!


4.     Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Most of your customers are viewing products on their websites. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we’re doing business. We like to refer to mobile friendly websites as responsive sites. Why do you need them? Because your customers love them, and guess what, Google loves it too! Fact: a responsive website is most likely to rank higher.

You’re looking for Young Living marketing tools, and we’ve got just the solution right here! My Oil Site not only offers you a website that connects to your social media pages, but also provides you with the platform to attract additional members. Take a look at the demo for free basic starter website or the website demo for Pro.

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